Top 10 Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend: Here’s How You Can Impress Him

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated on 14th of February in the loving memory of St. Valentine, an ideal example of love, courage and justice. The day now is highly cherished among people of all age groups by exchanging gifts, flowers, cards and all that things that they want to offer to their loved and dear ones of this day. 

Sometimes, selecting a present as Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend might take a lot of time as a girlfriend used to search for the gift that can truly delight the mood of her boyfriend, making him feel special. Below are mentioned top & popular 10 Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend ( ) that you might like to present him:

1. Valentine Flowers
Flowers speak the language of the heart and express all those unspoken words that you always wanted to say to him. Yes, beautiful flowers especially Red Roses are high on this day as red color is the symbol of love and a girlfriend ( ) can convey the heartfelt feelings to her beloved on this day. So, buy or send a beautiful bunch or a bouquet of Red Roses or a combination of different flowers and amaze him with surprises. 
2. Valentines Cake 
Want to woo your adorable boyfriend this Valentines’ Day? Worry not; as it is directly connected to the stomach where the best option to show the love for him is offering yummy and delicious Valentines Cake that are available in different flavors. In fact, you can also customize the cake with his favorite flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch and others in beautiful designs, messages, quote or offer him a theme-based cake and win his heart. 
3. Watches
So, watch makes a perfect Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend as almost all boys love to wear wrist-watch be it is his formal or casual attire.  You will find plenty of gift portals that offer an amazing collection of watches in varied prices. Place an order for the unique timepiece based on the preference & budget and send it online to give surprise on this Valentine’s Day. 

4.  Gadgets
If your boy is a techno-lover then an electronic gadget will be an ideal choice that you can hassle-freely online at his address and give surprise on 2018 Valentine’s Day.

5. Romantic Songs Collection
For music-loving boyfriend of yours, delight him with a surprising gift by sending musical gifts. To make it clearer, send him a collection of romantic collection of songs in the form of DVD just in case both of you is away on this day due to one or other reasons. 

6. iPhone
It is true that every other person is blessed with the advancement of technology and the latest one is iPhone that makes the perfect Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend if your pocket allows for it. Hurry up and shop now for the latest series of iPhone, gift him and steal the heart away from him.

7. A Romantic Dinner Date: Take your loving boyfriend out for dinner, probably in his favorite place. Pre-arrange for romantic song display; gift him a heart-shaped flower bouquet and gift of your choice. Believe it! He will just love the way you planned everything that too in a secret way.

8. A Grooming Kit with Electronic Razor 
In the fast-moving life, sometimes a man does not get time for shaving. Presenting an electronic razor and a grooming kit is the best gifting option.

 9. Personalized Gifts 
To give your gifts a personal touch, send Online Gifts by customizing it. Some of the items that you can send Coffee Mugs, Keychain, Photo Frame, Cushions, Cakes, Clock, Wooden Plaque and a lot more. 

10. Gift Hampers
Sometimes, it really becomes difficult for a girlfriend to choose the best Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend. Well, in such a case, opt for presenting a gift hamper wherein you can opt for different things and send it online to make him feel special. is online gifts portal that makes an ultimate platform for online shoppers to buy or send gifts online from anywhere to any corner of the world. By offering a wide range of gifts of boyfriend and other relation, the portal has simplified the life of many people. To get more information and ideas for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, do not hesitate to visit the website of the company. 

7 Top Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2017

Diwali is probably the biggest festival in India. It’s a festival of light, sweets and gifts, celebrated by all Indians with great zeal and excitement. On this day, people use to exchange gifts and blessing with each other in the form of love. This festival is also a great time for corporates and organizations to build up an emotional bond with employees and clients by giving corporate Diwali gifts to everyone. Most organizations consider Diwali festival as a great opportunity to win their employee’s faith and respect. And in order to achieve that, they search for the best Diwali gifts for employees that can do their work. 

Most of the time companies have their specific budget for Diwali gifts. But, there are also some companies that are really supple in terms of budget. Their main motto is to buy the best quality of corporate Diwali gifts for employees and clients that will make them feel blessed to work in such a supportive company. In both the cases, online gifting portals will help you out in the best possible way. With the help of online portals, you can find the wide collection of Diwali gifts online. If you are facing difficulty in choosing the best Diwali gifts for employees, kindly look for the below gift options and choose the best among all these options. Let’s have a look:

Home Décor Gift Items
Diwali home décor gift items like decoration lamp, diyas, candle, flower pot, portrait and wind chime are favorable Diwali gifts that can make any employee happy. You can also go for lucky bamboo plants to bring luck in all your employees’ life. This can be one of the best corporate Diwali gifts if you choose it wisely.  

Home Appliances
Home utility appliances are the best Diwali gifts for employees. Home appliances like mixer grinder, oven, and electric stove are the best collection of Diwali gifts that can go well with the aura of this delightful festival. You can easily buy these types of Diwali gifts online.

Crockery Set
What can be better than giving branded crockery set as a Diwali gift to each of your employees on this festive season? You can go for dinner set or glass ware set, as some useful gifts will never go in vain. Make sure that your Diwali gifts will bring a blissful smile on every employee’s face. 

Wrist Watch and Perfume
Wrist watch is definitely one of the gorgeous corporate Diwali gifts for employees that have an ability to make this dazzling festival a way more special for them. This type of gift demands a heavy budget. So, if you are flexible with budget, this gift will definitely become a trend setter. 

Decorative Silver Coins
It’s a type of gift that goes hand to hand with this festive occasion. You can get a wide collection of decorative silver coins on different online portals. Addition of Diwali wishes with each coin is like a cheery on cake as a Diwali gift.

Dry Fruits and Sweet Hampers
This Diwali, amaze your employees with delicious hampers of Diwali sweets and dry fruits. This can be one of the best corporate Diwali gifts that suits this festival very much. Believe me your employees will surely love this kind of delicious and nutritious gift on Diwali. 

Ganesha and Lakshmi Idol
Nothing can embellish this auspicious day more than Ganesha and Lakshmi idol. This type of Diwali gift will surely strengthen the relationship between company and employees. Give the blessing of lord Ganesha and lakshmi to your employees in the form of this gift. I am sure your employees will adore this thoughtful gesture of yours.  

So, these are some of the best corporate Diwali gifts that look really suitable for this auspicious occasion. These gifts will surely become a relationship builder between companies and their employees. To buy Diwali gifts online, kindly log on to, one of the well-known online gifting portals that offer all kinds of Diwali gifts at the most favorable price. Through this portal, you can also send Diwali gifts using same day and express delivery ( ) services.  

Get Indulged in the Divine Rituals of Karwa Chauth Festival

Karwa chauth is one of the enthusiastic festivals for every married woman. This festival is celebrated for the well being and prosperous life of husbands. No stone is left unturned when it comes to celebrating this auspicious day with great zeal and excitement. Every woman of the family unite at one place and perform the rituals full heartedly. In spite of being one of the trickiest fast, this heavenly day of karwa chauth is always welcomed with lots of rituals and tradition. Apart from all the rituals, gifts for karwa chauth are also an integral part of this festival. 

Gifts offered on karwa chauth are the sweetest approach of showing love and respect to each other. Especially between saas and bahu, this traditional belief of exchanging gifts is becoming popular day by day. And due to this popularity, nowadays various online portals also provide wide collection of karwa chauth gifts for saas and bahu. As you all know, ‘Sargi’ and ‘Baya’ are the two most important gift items that are exchanged between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so, without following this tradition no karwa chauth is possible. 

Karwa chauth is mainly special for newly-wed woman. If you are the one who is going to celebrate your first karwa chauth, you definitely want to know about all the rituals that should be followed by every married woman. So, here are some most-follow rituals of karwa chauth you should know about:

Sargi: Karwa Chauth Gifts for Bahu
This ritual is performed a day before karwa chauth. According to this tradition, saas offer sargi gift to their bahus that contains fruits, sweets, dry fruits and some traditional gifts like Saree, Jewelry, Accessories, and Make-up kit. Sargi is generally an earthen pot that contains food items to be eaten by bahus in the morning around 3 to 4 Am before starting the fast. It is said that this sargi will give them strength to observe the fast more gently and peacefully. These gifts are given to bring prosperity and good fortune in the married life of couples. 

Baya: Karwa Chauth Gifts to Newly-wed Girl by her own Mother  
Like sargi is gifted to daughter-in-law by mother-in-law in order to appreciate her dedication, bawa is gifted from the side of girl’s family. Baya generally contain traditional clothes, jewelry, sweets, sindor, make-up kits and many more things that are essential for the proper decoration of women. After receiving the baya, women dress up in given clothes and apply make-up and mehandi on their hands that represents our divine culture. This godly belief of baya as a gift is fully dedicated to strengthen the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 

How to Perform Karwa Chauth Pooja? 
In the evening, all women gathered at one place to perform the pooja rituals. Few hours before the moon rise, saint narrates the karwa chauth katha to all the married women. After narrating this katha, aarti is performed by everyone, which is done for the purpose of giving prosperous life to their husbands. Later on women pass their thalis to each woman present in the circle and start chanting the holy prayer of Maa Parvati and Shiva. 

How to Break Fast? 
When the moon rises in the sky, all women start decorating their thalis with diyas and pour their karva with divine water. After preparing their thalis, women see the moon and offer water to it. While doing this, they pray for their husband’s prosperous life and see their face through Chalni just after seeing the moon. The main reason behind doing so is to save their husbands from all the wrong deeds and evil activities. Later on, all husbands break their wives fast by making her drink a sip of water. This ritual is followed by eating delicious food items by both husband and wife.  

So, these all four rituals are most important part of this festival. By following these rituals with pure heart and believe, you can make your karva chauth fast full of divine blessing of lord Ganesha and lakshmi. To buy and send gifts for karwa chauth, you can log on to, one of the well-known portals that offer a wide variety of karwa chauth gifts for every saas and bahu. This portal also provides the facility to send gifts to India as well as overseas with free shipping delivery service. 

Make the Festival of Light a Memorable Occasion with Amazing Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival celebrated especially by the Hindus to cherish special moments with loved ones and shun evil away from every house with many lights and candles. Diwali is celebrated in the autumn season. It is a festival that occurs between the months of October and November. People meet each other in houses, offices or other places in order to have fun with their favorite people.

Celebrate Diwali in Office with Fun and Fervour
Diwali, the festival of lights has its own significance and is celebrated worldwide so to speak. In India, Diwali is one of the most cherished festivals but apart from India, Diwali is also heavily celebrated in Guyana, Fiji, Nepal, Tobago, and Myanmar. People decorate their houses with ‘Rangolis’ and diyas along with flowers and lamps. Some people also burst crackers and eat delicious sweets to make the day even more special.

However, sometimes, you might need to visit your office due to work or simply to celebrate Diwali with your office colleagues on this special day. Diwali is fun everywhere, be it your office or at home. If you are inclined to go to the office on this auspicious day, you must take some really thoughtful gifts for all your colleagues present there. In order to do this, all you need to do is search for Diwali Corporate Gifts ( ) on our website. Needless to say, you will find all the necessary gifts starting from bowl sets to idols.

You can celebrate Diwali in your own style within the office as well. There are some ways which are perfect for office goers who have to be at the office on this festive occasion –

With Gifts and Presents for Employees
You can celebrate Diwali by presenting thoughtful and wonderful gifts to your office mates. Not only that, we offer you amazing gifts at affordable prices. Giving presents to office mates is not similar to presenting something to your school or college mates. Office mates require something elegant with a touch of formality. However, you can try the Diwali Corporate Gifts on our website which includes –

• A set of silver glasses.
• Wooden and Brass wall clock.
• Idol of Buddha.
• Dry fruits.
• Ganesh and Diya

And much more such items. These can be presented to the employees as well as the boss.

Throw Dance Competitions
In Diwali, you can celebrate it with fervour by dancing your heart out. That is, throwing a dance competition within the office premises and among the workers would not be a bad idea after all. This way, the employees get to know each other in a better way which is quite helpful for a company to run smoothly. Thus, throwing a dance competition or just dancing around would be a really good idea.

Making Rangoli
Making a Rangoli is one of the best parts of Diwali. You can easily make a Rangoli with your office mates in order to make this occasion super special. Making the Rangoli is not a tough job and every making it together would be immensely good for bonding. Also, you can out Diwali diyas on the Rangoli in order to make it look brilliant.

Why Trust Us?
You can always buy Deepavali gifts from our website where you can actually choose from a wide range of presents and gifts. This would be one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali. After all, giving and sharing is something that is always cherished.

5 Ideal Karwa Chauth Sargi Gifts for Bahu

Karwa chauth is one of the important festivals celebrated by all married woman with great zeal and excitement. This festival is mainly popular in Punjab. On this day, women observe fast for their husbands and pray for their long and prosperous life. It’s also a traditional way to make your in-laws close to you. A Sargi gift by saas is also an integral part of this festive occasion. Sargi is basically given to bahu by saas on the day of karwa chauth. This custom is becoming so popular that now a day many portals started offering sargi gifts to bahu. 

With the help of portals like, one can also send karwa chauth gifts to India as well as overseas wherever your daughter-in-law and wife resides. This is the perfect time when all ladies are full set for shopping, as just like other festival celebrated in India, karwa chauth also can’t be thought without gifts. One or two week prior to this day, both husbands and mother-in-law started searching for the desirable gifts for their wife and bahu. However, the main significance of this day is to strengthen the bond between husband and wife, but we also can’t neglect that the relation between saas and bahu is also well nourished due to this festival. 

As a new saas, I understand it’s too difficult for you to choose and give one of the best sargi gifts to bahu ( ). So, here are few sargi and karwa chauth gift items suitable for every bahu. Kindly go for it:

Flower Bouquet with Nutritious Hamper
Nothing can embellish a day as perfectly as flower. So, why not adorn your daughter-in-law first karwa chauth with an adorable flower bouquet and a nutritious surprise hamper of dry fruits. After all, it’s an important day to remember that should be remembered for the whole life. 

Make-up Kit with Delicious Pleasure
Festival like karwa chauth is not only a reflection of Indian culture and a day dedicated to husband, but also a day when every woman want to look best in their attires. It’s also a day devoted to the beauty of woman. This year, send a branded make-up kit to your beloved daughter-in-law and make her feel beautiful on this auspicious day. Make-up kit includes bindi, nail polish, mehandi, eye liner, kajal, mascara, blush and many more. Adding up a chocolate hamper in this gift will surely bring a pleasant smile on her pretty face.

Religious Karwa Chauth Hamper
It’s your daughter-in-law’s first karwa chauth and she doesn’t have any idea about how to celebrate this. As a responsible saas, it’s totally your responsibility to train and help her in performing all the rituals. After all, Karwa chauth is all about rituals and traditions. For this, nothing can be better than gifting a religious karwa chauth hamper to your beloved bahu that includes decorative karwa chauth thali, chawal and roli, beautiful Chalni, kalash and mehandi. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most sensible sargi gifts for bahu.  

Apparel with Jewelry Set
Who doesn’t love to wear good clothes with beautiful accessories? If your daughter-in-law is one who loves to be fashionable, then this gift is something really precious for her. A beautiful dress like Saree with an adorable jewelry set is everything she wants on this karwa chauth. Make sure to choose her favorite color of Saree. You can also go for some trendy traditional clothes like Palazzo and indo-western kurta. Your daughter-in-law will surely love this surprise.   

Sweet Delight with Yellow Roses 
If you want to make a friendly relationship with your daughter-in-law, what can be better than gifting an adorable bouquet of yellow roses to her? She will be more than happy if you add a delicious sweet hamper with this beautiful flowery surprise. On this karwa chauth, make her feel over-whelmed with this delightful combo of sweets and roses. I am sure this gift will strengthen your relationship with your daughter-in-law. 

These are some of the best sargi gifts; you can give to your bahu on this karwa chauth to make your bonding stronger than before. These gifts will surely adorn your relationship with your bahu in the best possible ways. To buy more sargi and karwa chauth gifts online ( ), you can log on to, one of the renowned online portal for the best karwa chauth gifts. Here, you can also get the wide variety of karwa chauth gift combos and gift hampers at suitable price.  

Make this Bhai Dooj Special with these Extremely Pocket Friendly Gifts for Brother!

Bhai dooj is an auspicious festival celebrated by brother and sister on the last day of Diwali. On this pious day, sister put Bhai Dooj tikka on her brother’s forehead and prays for his good health and prosperous life. This day is the witness of unity of brothers and sisters in a pure way. Sister also offers some Prasad and sweets to her brother after following main rituals. 

Celebrating Bhai Dooj gives an opportunity to say thank you to each other for being a support system in each other’s life. And there is no other way to say thank you than giving gifts to each other. The best part about giving gifts is it gives a chance to know about each other’s likes and dislikes. In this blog, you are going to see a lot of Bhai Dooj gift ideas for brothers. So, if you are willing to give one of the best Bhai Dooj gifts to your beloved brother, here are few gift ideas you will definitely love to buy this Bhai Dooj 2017. Go through it: 

Hamper of Healthiness
For a brother, who is little health conscious and enjoy eating healthy food items rather than fast foods. A dry fruits hampers is one of the perfect Bhai Dooj gifts for him. An addition of roli and chawal in it gives an auspicious touch to the gift. 

Apparel that suits him
You can get branded t-shirt and kurta on online portal at reasonable price. Worth-wearing apparel also serves a wonderful Bhai Dooj gift for your brother. Try to gift him apparel one day before the Bhai Dooj celebration so that he can wear it on the actual day. You will be more than happy to see him in your gifted cloths. 

Something Pious and Spiritual 
A lord Ganesha idol is the perfect gift for your brother on this auspicious day of Bhai Dooj. Giving this gift keeps away all the negativity and hassle and provide a soothing and prosperous life to your brother. An addition of Bhai Dooj Tikka is also essential. Your brother will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift of yours.

Personalized Best Brother Mug 
What can be arousing than a mug that says he is the best brother in the whole world for a Bhai Dooj Gift. You can also make it more special by customizing his photographs on it and then write this catchy caption.  Any brother would love to get this type of personalize gifts from his sister.  It’s the best gift that can bring a pleasant smile on your brother’s face.

So, these are some of the best Bhai Dooj gifts for brother that your brother will surely love to get from you. These gifts have an ability to rejoice your brother’s day in the best possible ways. To get more gift ideas and to buy and send these gifts to India and overseas, kindly give a click on, one of the renowned online gifting portal that offers the best quality of gifts at suitable price. 

Tips To Buy Lumba rakhi Online

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival that celebrates the bond between siblings. Celebrated in August, this festival is observed with great zeal in India and Nepal. People tie Rakhi on each other’s hands to emphasize the importance of familial ties. The general custom consists of the sister tying a rakhi on her brother’s hand, praying for his well-being and prosperity with the rakhi conveying her love while the brother vows to keep her safe from harm’s way and stand by her side in all occasion. However,this custom is open to tweaks, which contributes to the purity and pliability that makes this festival so endearing to everyone. 

It does not demand people to be blood-related, nor does it favour castes or religion. You are free to celebrate this festival with anybody and everybody with the same enthusiasm and merriment's any other person even if they are not biologically related to you, or belong to a different group. Nothing stops you from sharing your love and respect to these people you consider almost family, especially if the said person is your sister-in-law. 

What Is Lumba Rakhi?
Lumba rakhi is a Marwari custom where a sister ties a rakhi on the bangle of her brother’s wife when he gets married. Lumba literally translates to bangle as the rakhi is normally tied on the bangles of the women.The significance of a Lumba rakhi is to strengthen familial ties and since you are tying it on your sister-in-law, you are wishing her a secured married life, giving domestic bliss while giving her the love and respect she deserves as your brother’s wife. This custom is gaining quite the popularity among young women. 

Designs Popular in Lumba Rakhi Styles
Lumba Rakhi of different designs with vibrant colour sis available in the market. They come with beautiful dangling decorative pieces adorned with sequins, rhinestones, tiny bells or ghungroos, bead work, and glitter. Some of these are also available as Hathphools and Panchgali, guaranteed to add to the beauty of your pretty sister-in-law. It would also make for a thoughtful rakhi gift for sisters

Buy Lumba Rakhi This Year and Start a New Tradition at Your Home 
With RakshaBandhan just around the corner, the rakhi markets are bustling with people looking for the right one and if you are stuck on what to get, online Rakhi shopping is a convenient way to begin your search for the perfect Lumbarakhi for your bhabi this rakhi season if you are not able to find the right one at the local shops. You get a wide variety of rakhi just a finger click away sans time-consuming journey to and fro from themarket while sitting in traffic and the limited choice of designs and colours that do not fit to your mental image. 

Online sites on the other hand, not only offer variety but also designer rakhi and some that can be even custom made. Most come with affordable gift hampers with choice delicacies and other traditional gifts. They make shopping a lot more fun and easier. provides you with a large range of Lumba rakhi of different designs that are sure to amaze your sister-in-law. You can bond over the beautiful beads and sequins that foster a feeling of sisterhood. They offer amazing deals on their gift hampers and combo packs that would be delivered to you safe and sound, in record time. Check them out and gift your lovely sister a rakhi to remember with sweets, flowers and anything that you wish.