How Do Kids Celebrate Rakhi In Schools?

Raksha Bandhan is a popular Indian festival that commemorates the love between a brother and sister. This festival is celebrated with vigour and zeal in the month of July-August depending upon the Hindu Calendar. Exchanging gifts, merriment, delicious sweets and various rituals and customs form an integral part of this festival. It is celebrated with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm not only in India but also in the other parts of the world like Nepal, Mauritius, UK, USA and so on by Indians.

Several rituals are observed in this festival including tying of rakhi and application of tilak on the forehead of the brothers. This festival is known by various names such as Kajari Poornima, Pavitropana, Nariyal Purnima in the different states of India and rituals differ from state to state but the essence of the festival remains the same everywhere.

Celebration of Rakhi in Schools:

The beautiful festival of rakhi is celebrated with a lot of fervour in various schools in different ways such as follows.
  • Children participate in rakhi making completion to celebrate the festival in a unique way.
  • The girls tie rakhi around the wrist of boys and exchange chocolates and sweets. Rakhi is a festival that signifies protection and hence in some schools rakhis are also tied around trees and plants as a pledge to protect them.
  • In some schools, students are made to dress up in their traditional attires representing the different states of India and they are even made to say a few lines about the celebration of rakhi in their respective state. Later teachers too talk about the significance of this festival and share mythological stores about Rakhi. The day concludes with tying of rakhis and exchanging gifts.
  • In some schools documentaries are even shown to give the students a general idea of the festival.
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