7 Useful Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Dear Mum!!

On this Mother’s day buy an experiential present for your mom that she will use & remember forever. Here are some of the amazing gift ideas that are purposeful, practical yet special for your dear mommy.

1.    Artificial Flowers & Cake

Flowers are timeless & evergreen gifts. Real flower gradually dry out & land up into bin. But artificial flowers are long lasting & capture the timeless beauty of real blossoms. Several online portals offer artificial flowers of different species like roses, sunflowers, orchids and lilies etc. Cakes are awesome way to win anyone’s heart. Pick delectable cake for your mum in yummy flavors like dark chocolates, fresh fruits cakes, and five star cakes etc. Online gift portals have tie ups with leading bakeries of the city. Send Mothers day gifts to UK (https://www.giftalove.com/uk/mothers-day) through fast delivery services offered by leading online gifting portals.

2.    Dinner Out

Your mom cooks food for the whole family 365 days in a year. Mother’s day is the day especially dedicated to her. After her hectic day, take her out for a family dinner. During dinner, each family member can speak out a few words of appreciation for her.

3.    A Quick Trip

Your busy mom would love take break from hectic life. She will like to go on short vacation with her female friends. She may also go for a weekend getaway with the family where she does not need to cook & clean.

4.    Spa Gift Voucher

Pamper your mom with a hot chocolate massage, a body wrap, or a fruity facial. You can either get the appointment for her or gift her spa voucher. Spa voucher will give her the freedom to use it at any time in the month.

5.    Jewelry

A designer piece of jewelry would probably surprise your mom on this special day. Visit online store for getting trendy and fashionable jewelry for her. Buy Mothers Day gifts like gold bracelets, diamond earrings, or a personalized pendent specially designed for your mom. Beautiful & precious present like jewelries are bound to become a treasured keepsake. Gift wrap the piece of jewelry along with an emotional message/greeting card to touch her heart.

6.    Gym Registration

It would be an excellent idea to enroll your mom for a work out session in the neighborhood health club. This gift could be beneficial for her health & she can maintain a proper shape as well. Working out in a gym can give her motivation to exercise regularly. Of course, it would also become a great recreational activity by getting a chance to meet her female friends during work out session. So, surprise her with this kind of Mother’s day gift.

7.    Healthy cookbooks

If your mother is on a diet, present her a cook book having healthy recipes that she can follow. This cook book is recommended to encourage her sticking to the diet. At times it becomes boring to eat food according to the diet chart. But this recipe book has several healthy dishes that she can try. 
These are seven useful & meaningful gift ideas for your mom. For more ideas, log on to Giftalove. It is one of the reputed online gift marts in India. It is offering broad range of mother day gifts for home maker mom, working mom, diva mom, new mom & grand mom etc. 
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6 Purposeful Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband!!

Marriage Anniversary gifts are one the most special gift for celebrating years of togetherness. This is the day when a couple enters into another year of matrimonial relationship. Thus every couple must celebrate this day with full of anticipation & love. Romantic anniversary gifts can double up the excitement in your husband. So look for the best range of Anniversary gifts for husband(https://www.giftalove.com/anniversary/for-husband) in online stores, as they offer countless choices which are suitable for every man. Here are some of the Anniversary gift ideas for him. 
 1. Personalized Cushion
If you are willing to gift a personalized anniversary present to surprise your sweet hubby then a personalized cushion can be an ideal option. You just need to pick the best image of you and your hubby together and get it printed over a comfy cushion. For making this gift extra special to your hubby, you can place it on his bed or couch.

2. Perfume
If your well groomed man loves to spray different fragrances of perfumes, then this can be a great anniversary gift as well. Just look for a branded perfume & nicely gift wrap it. Your hubby would love to wear this fragrance. This gift would make him remember you each time.

3. Grooming Kit
Even men like to get pampered & they always prefer to get a purposeful gift. If your husband is also keen about his looks, then a gift hamper like grooming kit can be a perfect option to gift him on this anniversary day. In fact, this kind of gift option would be also giving him the message that you care about him & want him to look his best always.

4. Anniversary Cake
Delicious cake is a must for this occasion whether you are planning for a grand celebration or not. Bring anniversary special cake for your sweet husband & get him the chance to indulge in its heavenly taste. There are a lot of flavors available in online stores. Just get the cake as per the choice of your husband as this is an exclusive gift for him.

5. Cufflinks and Pen
This choice of gift is especially for those whose husband belongs to the corporate culture or like formal stuffs. A set of elegantly designed cufflinks with a nice pen set can be an ideal purposeful gift for your hubby. Select the best one that your hubby would love to wear over his formal attire and flaunt his macho style. This would be an absolutely stunning anniversary gift for him.

6. Wrist Watch
Classy & branded wristwatch for your dearest hubby would be another mind blowing gift choice. It would be a timeless gift that can make him feel special and happy. Your hubby can wear this gift year after year and remember it always as token of love.

So these are some of the anniversary gift choices for the man in your life. You can log on to Giftalove.com for getting wide collection of gifts products online. You can select anniversary gifts by number of years, kind of relationship, anniversary flowers, cakes, chocolates & cute teddies and many more.

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5 Best Gift Ideas for New Mommy On Mother’s Day!!

Have you been recently blessed with the arrival of new bon in your life? This little one has changed your life in a number of ways right! You may have become a proud dad or a happy grandparent or a sweet aunt/uncle of this bonny baby. It must be reminding you your early, little days. And you just want to thank the mother of the baby on this Mother Day.

With the advent of internet, one can Send mothers day gifts to India from any corner of the world. Several leading online gift portals are known to offer prompt domestic as well as international delivery services. Online portals offer countless options in Mother’s day gifts for new moms.

Becoming a new mom is not a cake walk. It involves sleepless nights, tiring days, timely change of diapers & baby feeding etc. Thus she deserves an extraordinary gift on this special occasion. Check out these cute, special & useful gift options for the new mommy in your life.

1.    Mommy-baby Pendent

Celebrate the recent arrival of new born baby and it’s mom on this Mother’s day, with a beautiful custom pendent. A precious pendent can be a priceless gift by putting the cute photographs of the baby & mother inside the locket of the pendant. It is a traditional gift in a trendy & stylish avatar.

2.    Spa Day

As I mentioned earlier becoming a mommy is not easy, as it is a physically demanding task (and emotionally challenging too). Being a new mom makes every delicate organ of the women hurt. Thus a relaxing & pampering gift on such an occasion will be a thoughtful & rejuvenating gift for her. Gift her a Spa day like body massage, facial or a complete package of pampering for hours.

3.    Floaty  Top

Pick beautiful floaty top for the new mother. These semi-fitted, flattering and comfy top is stylish enough to wear on a day out and loose enough for breastfeeding. It will also cleverly hide that post-baby belly.

4.    Smoothening scrub

Post-baby skin is good but not like normal skin. Gift her smoothening scrub and make her feel scrumptious. Pick a multi scrub hamper comprising of essential moisturizer, scented body scrub in delicious flavors like strawberries, white grapefruit, vanilla, and blue crystal sea salt.

5.    Comfy Shoes

High heels like stilettos & wedges are not advisable to wear after child’s delivery. They maintain poor body posture & can prove health hazardous for the new mom. So you can gift comfy shoes like flat bottom slippers or boots to walk indoors & outdoor. Comfy shoes will help the mother to make the balance while hauling the new born.

So these are some of the useful Mother’s Day gift ideas for new mother. People can log on to Giftalove for buying exciting range of gifts for new mom, working mom, home maker mom, diva mom, grand mom as well as mom in law. It is offering unique bouquet of flower arrangements, Cakes, sweets, chocolate & dry fruits hamper.

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Top 12 Tempting Cakes for All Zodiac Signs!!

When it comes to buyer cakes- tempting, delicious & colourful designs are some of the top priority while choosing cakes. Cake lovers will say that all cakes are gourmet desert & can be enjoyed on special as well as ordinary day. Occasions like birthday & cakes are most commonly related with each other, as Birthday celebration cannot be imagined with irresistibly delicious cake.

Have you ever considered about choosing cakes accordingly to one’s sun sign?  Birthday cakes as per the sun sign of the person are unique way to finding out their likes & dislikes. Read this blog for getting an idea of buying suitable cakes for celebrating birthday of your dear ones as per their birth signs.

Aries (March 21st-April 19th)

They like to lead a life with dynamism, full of passion and activeness. Their active personality will go well with fresh fruits cakes. Yes because fresh fruits cakes are not only delicious in taste but also carries goodness of fresh juicy fruits. Cakes like strawberry, orange, mango or pineapple are favorable for their nature. 

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

For your hard-working Taurean friend, cakes which have relaxing flavors can gel with their nature very well. Chocolate mint or butterscotch with blend of peppermint are some kind of flavors, you can buy for them. These cakes are not only mouth watering but also give cool & relaxing fragrance.

Gemini (May 21sh-June 20th)

Gemini’s have a special fond of crunchy dry fruits & chocolate flavor. You can gift them chocolate almonds cakes or hazel nut cakes. They will enjoy every bite of cake with crunchiness of almonds/hazel nuts. 

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd)

Cancerians are creative, spontaneous, loving, emotional & faithful in nature but at times they become moody. Pick delectable cakes like Chocolate fudge, Chocolate mouse or molten chocolate cakes. The extra layers of chocolates can never fail to impress them.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

Leos have special desire for beauty & charming fragrance. Thus, floral cakes in awesome fragrance will be perfect for them. Nowadays, online bakery stores offer unique & innovative designs of floral cakes in various designs & styles. Simply order a suitable cake online for your friend.

 Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Individuals ruled by this sun sign are creative & have unique interests. Order personalized cakes from them. Get a text or their picture imprinted on the cake & give them a unique surprise.

Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd)

Libras are romantic, charming, tactful & diplomatic. Get a heart shaped cake or red velvet cake for your Libra spouse. Then wait & watch for effect and be ready to get a warm hug in return.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)

Person governed by this sun sign are high spirited, compassionate & noble in nature. Their vivacious & bubbly nature will be matched up by black current cakes.

Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st)

Sagittarians are athletic, sporty & adventurous by nature. They are usually health freak & calorie conscious. Thus get sugar free cakes in flavors of dark chocolates, honey almonds or pistachio would be an ideal choice.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th)

Individual’s ruled by this zodiac sign are quite disciplined, practical and follow conventional choices in lives. Thus, simple & yummy flavor of vanilla will create the magic for them. However, you can decorate a vanilla cake into numerous ways.

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th)

Aquariums are fond of unusual things & might like to try exotic flavors of cake. You can get special cakes like Pumpkin Roll, Blueberry cake, Texas Sheet cake for your Aquarian friend.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th)

Pisceans love to dream about themselves and their near and dear ones. Basically they like to live in their dream world. Thus dreamy cakes with full of exciting toppings would be an ideal choice for them. Cakes like Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, German Chocolate Cake, New York-Style Crumb Cake or Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake will be a good choice.

So, these are some of the sun sign birthday cakes available in online bakery stores. Log on to Giftalove. You can order 5kg, 2kg, 1kg & Half kg of cakes online (https://www.giftalove.com/half-kg-cakes). Here you can buy & send half kg cakes for special occasions like Birthday, Anniversaries, Mother’s Days & Wedding ceremony etc. This website is known to offer same day delivery, next day delivery, and domestic as well as international delivery services of cakes, flowers & gifts. 

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4 Superb Ideas to Impress Your Momma on this Mother’s Day!

Felling it difficult to search the best token of love for your momma for the upcoming Mothers Day? Well it is ok if you are feeling confused or not getting the right idea as now you are at the right place in the search of some amazing ideas to impress your mom and make her feel special as this blog features amazing ideas for Mothers Day gifts that you can buy and send online as well.

Mother’s Day is of course an exciting day for everyone who is not a mother and it is obvious because it’s time to impress the most special person of your life that is your momma. No matter how many times since your childhood that you have gifted your momma a special token of love. The upcoming Mother’s Day must be coming with lots of excitement in your heart to surprise your momma with something special, loving and affectionate.

So what is it that you are planning to gifts and surprise your momma this time? Be it anything that you are planning to buy for your mamma it needs to be something very special for her. After all she is the one who has gifted you the most special gift, your precious ‘Life’.

Now it may turn a bit difficult thing for you to choose a special gifting thing that can steal your mom’s heart and can let her feel special being you mother. So to help out from the state of this dilemma, below are some amazing gifting options that you can opt for surprising your mom and letting her know how much you love her.

Have a look at online gift options you can choose to buy and send Mother’s day gifts to India where she resides:

A Bag Full of Surprises

Gifting something useful is always appreciated like a handbag for momma but simply gifting a handbag is not worth. So buy a trendy handbag for your momma and fill all your momma’s favorite cosmetic options in it. Also you can also fill the bag with her favorite chocolates. She will definitely love the surprise a lot.

A Gift of Precious Memories

For your momma who loves you the most, your childhood memories are the most special one for her always. So this time when you are searching for the most special Mother’s Day gift for her, it can be nothing much better than gifting your childhood memories with her. Just buy a nice multiple framed, photo frames for her and place memorable pictures of your mom with you. She would love this surprise.

Something to Help Her Pamper Herself

Now this is the option that is sure to bring a lovely smile on your momma’s face. Yes I am talking about spa hamper that proves out an excellent gifting thing to help your momma to relax and pamper herself. Just do remember to choose a Spa hamper from a renowned cosmetic brand to assure it to be safe on your mother’s skin.

A Bling of her Happiness

Yes its jewelery, you guessed it right! For every women jewelery is an all time fascination. Moreover there is plethora of options as well to pick any of the best suitable jewelery option for her. Be it a pair of earrings, bangles or  a necklace, a pendent, a ring, bracelet or anything it is, she is definitely going to love it a lot.

There can be much more to explore and think about gifting your momma on this Mother’s Day. However to buy Mother’s Day gifts online, you can log on to Giftalove that offers a vast collection of Mothers Day gifting options at attractive prices.

8 Best Fragrances for Your Dear Mom!!

Are you browsing for gift ideas for your mom on this Mother’s Day? Perfumes would be one of the lavish gift choices for your mom. Scented fragrances will also go well for your outgoing working mom. Choose a suitable flavor as per her mood & personality.  Here are some of the lovely fragrances you can choose from as Mothers day gifts for working mom.  

1.    Citrus Fragrance

Scents infused with the tangy smell of citrus fruits are lively and energetic in odor. They are perfect to wear & enjoy the daytime. This citrus smelling perfume would set out the whole day for your active mom.  She can wear a citrus perfume to meet her new clients for brunch. New mommies can put on citrus flavor to brighten a baby shower event.

2.    Floral Fragrance

Sweet and stunning, these perfumes are the "Diva Mom" of the scents aisle. Floral scents are usually offered in single note, but can come in combined forms of various flowers to create a classic feminine odor. These scents are also appropriate for your diva mom. She can wear them while going at church, the ballet class, or to attend any family functions especially on wedding ceremonies.

3.    Fruity Fragrance

Fruity perfumes are fresh and spicy in nature. These amazing fragrances please the nose with the delightful and familiar odor of mango, apple, peach, strawberry, and other juicy fruits. They are often blended with floral scents to create a blissful aroma. These kinds of perfumes are ideal for young & lovely moms. They just needed to apply sparingly.

4.    Green Fragrance

Green fragrances smell amazingly natural and energetic. They are made from extracts from fresh leaves and newly-mown exotic grass. These scents tend to show down to earth personality of the person. So you can choose for your kind, sweet & down to earth natured mother. It will go well in any occasion like a casual outing, shopping out or having family dinner time.

5.    Oriental Fragrance

Oriental perfumes are exotic and distinctly feminine kind of scents. These sensual fragrances feature a blend of earthy, wild base scent such as musk or ambergris. They are often prepared with warm notes of amber. When perfectly blended with florals, these scents are known "florientals". The effect wearing these scents is bold yet mysterious perfume. Buy oriental fragrance for your mom & make her smell different from rest of the world.

6.     Wood Fragrance

These sorts of scents are prepared on base notes of mosses and tree bark. They signify the smell of winding forest paths. Your strong & bold momma might like its unique fragrance.

7.    Spicy Fragrance

Hot and spicy are the kind of note this scent is based on and that's what these perfumes smell like. Your kitchen oriented mom would like the notes of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and pepper. These kind of spicy perfumes smell alluring and enticing in an old-fashioned way.

8.    Oceanic Fragrance

Oceanic perfumes are the most modern & trendy blend of fragrances. These scents are made from a blend of synthetic chemical compounds to evoke natural aromas such as mountain air, oceanic fragrant spray or clean linen. It simply smells crisp and fresh, they are an ideal choice for your courageous mom. On this mother’s day gift her boldness of nature in form of oceanic fragrance.

So these are some popular & hottest smelling perfumes available in the market. You can choose to gift you lovely mom an extravagant smelling fragrance along with mother day’s flowers, chocolates or greeting cards. Log on to Giftalove for buying unique & special Mothers Day gifts at best price. Here you can find mother day gifts for your working mom, home maker mom, diva mom, new mom, expecting moms, mother in law & grandmothers etc.

4 Unique Gift Ideas to Dedicate Your Sweetheart Mom on this Mother’s Day!!

If you are one of those who is totally confused over the idea of what to gift his/her sweet momma, well then it’s enough time to think and decode. But if it’s nothing striking your mind and you really want to gift something unique and loving to your mom then this blog is definitely going to help you. Read more to het amazing Mother’s Day gifts ideas to surprise your momma with cheers!
Gifts always prove out as an excellent thing in conveying heartily emotions and feelings to the one we love. So when it’s Mother’s Day, of course anyone can’t imagine to not to make the day special one for their mom with a gift. Thus when it’s Mother’s Day nearby, it’s obvious for everyone to come up with various thoughts of surprising their mom with a special, affectionate or unique Mother’s Day gifts. But every time coming up with a new idea is not merely possible.

So what, won’t you gift anything to your momma on this Mother’s Day? Well of course not!  Thus to help you out this Mother’s Day to surprise your mom with something special and loving, then below are some amazing ideas for it. Have a look:

Memories for You Momma
The most precious time of your momma will always be the one spent with your when you were a kid. So on this Mother’s Day what can be better than gifting a gift full of her sweet & unforgettable memories to her? Choose a photo frame with multiple photo sticking frames and personalize it with various memorable pictures of your childhood with your mom. She would definitely love it.

A Basket to Say ‘I Care for You Always’
Now when its Mother’s Day and you want to showcase your care and affection for her, then what else can be better than gifting a spa hamper to your loving mom this time. In fact this would be the best gift to convey your feelings of care and affection to your mom and make her feel special, beautiful and relaxed on this Mother’s Day.

You & Momma, Together Forever…
When it is say that whatever it is you will be always there for your mom, gift a token of your love that carries any memory. Well it can be a personalized cushion printed with a picture of you and her together. A coffee mug personalized with a memorable picture and other such things.

Her All Time Fascination
Now when we talk about every mom’s most fascinating thing, then being her a women, the obvious answer would be a to look beautiful always. So what options you have is gifting a designer saree, a cosmetic hamper, a trendy necklace, beautiful bangle set, a hair spa voucher.

So there is lot many other gifting options that you are can think to surprise your mom with, this Mother’s Day. However if are one of those who is residing far away from your momma and willing to buy and send Mother’s Day gifts online to India anywhere and worldwide as well with Giftalove that is now offering an extensive array of rakhi gifts at attractive price point.

Top Ten Traditional Indian Sweets Famous in Overseas as well!!

Indians are famous for having sweet tooth. There are countless number of desserts which are consumed in joyful festivals like Holi, Diwali & other special occasions. In fact Indian sweet desserts are very popular throughout the world.

Traditional sweets delicacies such as Gujiya, Rabri, Rasgulla Laddo, Burfee are some of the popular sweets among people staying in overseas. You can buy these mouth watering products from online portals & send Holi gifts to USA, UK, Japan, Europe & parts of Asia for your loved one residing there. Therefore the best way to send the Indian sweets overseas is through online stores.

Here are a few popular Indian sweets that have gained immense popularity in foreign countries.

1.    Gujiya
Gujiya is also known as Holi guijya because it is closely associated with these colourful festivals. These are basically stuffed dumplings stuffed with coconut grate and roasted semolina. Then deep fried in oil & dipped in thick sugar syrup.

2.    Rabri
It is a unique delicacy of Benaras region of India It is made of condensed milk, saffron (i.e. kesar) and crushed dry fruits like almonds, pistachio are mixed. It is served hot after full coarse meal or it can be kept in refrigerator to serve it cold.

3.    Sonpapdi
This a very common sweet from Gujarat yet always in demand in other states of India well as overseas. It is squared shape sweet made up of gram flour & ghee and usually served as thin flakes, garnished with Pistachio.

4.    Malpua
It is one of the famous Indian delicacies in eastern India especially West Bengal. It is a pancake made up of all purpose flour, semolina & deeply fried as well as soaked in sugar syrup. Rose water or cardimons are added for giving flavours.

5.    Rasgulla
It is another popular Indian sweets originally from West Bengal, but delightfully eaten by all Indians. These sweet desserts look like white spongy balls made from cottage cheese. They are dipped in light syrup.

6.     Sandesh

This is wonderful dessert from Bengal & it is prepared from milk as well as sugar. People also use cottage cheese prepared from by soared milk. These mouth watering sweets can be presented in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours & designs. Few popular types are sandesh made from jaggery, orange sandesh, mango sandesh, sandesh made from ice cream & strawberry etc.

7.    Barfee
It is prepared out of condensed milk as well as sugar untill it gets solidified & unique shapes are given Common varieties are Khoya barfi or the product made purely from thickened milk, Kaaju barfi/Katli  crushed cashews & added generously. Another variety is special barfee is made from blanched pistachios. They are found in different shapes and colours. Chocolate barfee is also very popular among this category of sweets.

8.    Peda
Besides Gujiya, Holi is also famous for peda & offered to Indian Gods. However they are very tasty and are prepared in round shapes. The main ingredients are khoya, sugar and flavorings agents like cardimons seeds, edible rose water, pistachio nuts and saffron. The colour of peda sweets varies from a creamy to caramel white colours.

9.    Rasmalai
This sweet dish item is originally believed to have come from Indian state of Odisha. The word Ras means juice and Malai means cream in Hindi. It is described as a tasty flat & round cheese cake dipped in condensed milk & flavoured with finely chopped Pistachios.

10.    Kalakand
It is a milky sweet, also known as milk cake. It is key ingredient is milk that’s why it appears white in colour. It is also served during auspicious festivals like Holi, Navratris and other Indian festivals.

So these are some of the famous Indian sweets which are equally popular & desirable by people staying overseas. You can buy these traditional sweets in fresh & delicious packages from Giftalove.