Shower Your Love to Your Mom by Sending Mother’s Day Gifts to India

God has given us many wonderful gifts in life; however, no gift can be compared as best than Mother. Yes, Mother is that beautiful gift to us that is priceless. No wonder, you can buy everything on the earth but still, Mother will always remain above all. The love, the care and the concern that she shows on us cannot be compared with anything in the world. So, this Mother’s Day, send gifts to India, in case you are out of the country or give some time to her no matter how much you are in your life and make your mother special and happy by giving her awesome gifts this year.

Today Mother's Day is described as a festival of womanhood when we celebrate not just the association that a mother makes for her family by sustaining her children but additionally, the commitment she makes to the general public or to the society on a large scale. It is our Mother because of whom we have grown up and matured enough to understand each and every aspect of the life. It is none other than our beloved mother who feeds us, take good care of our health, gave us all medication whenever needed and made us learn how to walk and play. No one else can care so much to you. Her endless worry and concern made you stand in this world at your own feet.

Just in case you are far away from your home, that is outside India and puzzled with thought as for how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, then do not panic at all. Like problems come with a solution, this too has also got an amazing answer in the form of online shopping. You can buy Mothers Day gifts for Mom online and send it to her shipping address in India. Whatever you give her, the greatest gift you will give her this Mother's Day is the sentiment & emotion and that you thought about her and endeavoured to make her feel truly valued and special.

No gifts can be compared with her love and affection that she showered on us since childhood and still today. You buy a gift worth many dollars but that also cannot be compared with anything. However, we can make her feel glad by sending Mother’s Day gifts and in light of that some of the gift ideas and suggestion are mentioned below:

Chocolates: It is not just kids or girls who love to have chocolates every time. Instead, it could be your mom as well who love to have Chocolate than anything else in this world. Actually, mouth watery chocolate attracts everyone no matter who falls in which age group. Most of us know that Chocolate acts as an energy booster that brings joy and happiness to the core of the heart. So, order designer box of Chocolate online and send Mothers Day gifts to India. There are online portal that helps in this aspect and delivers the ordered Chocolate Box perfectly on the Mother’s Day and make your Mom really feel surprised.

Flowers: Flowers are so natural and so pure just like Mom’s love and care. She is truly regarded as an image of affection, faithfulness, appreciation and such a variety of other distinctive feelings and flowers likewise have an unusual allusion for Mother's Day. Gifting flowers, no doubt, is a standout amongst the most appreciated methods for saying that she really and truly cares for her. Your mom has supported you like her most valuable flowers on the planet. It is the ideal opportunity for you to express your emotions to your mom by gifting flowers or flower bouquet arranged in a unique style that makes her feel fresh.

Jewellery: Jewellery, no doubt, is one of the most preferred and awesome gifts for your Mom. This year buy affordable jewellery online and send Mothers Day gifts to India. It is one of the wonderful ways to express your love and care that itself speaks thousands of words in one exclusive gem stone. This will surely make her feel pampered. Infect, you can present her personalised jewellery and make her really feel precious. So buy earrings, necklace, pendant, bracelet, rings and many more jewellery items and make her feel special.

There are many more gift items that you can explore at and choose as many as you wish to send as Mother’ Day gifts to Mom and make your mother feel valued. This is a reliable online gift portal that gives you ample range of gift items for different occasions and for all types of relation at one platform, and thus, saves your precious time. So, no matter where you are on this planet, you still can place an order for your Mother and make give amazing surprises that too at a pocket friendly price.

Best Purple Flowers and Their Significance

The wedding season is around the corner and the demand for pink white and red roses would shoot up as the season progresses. If you wish to stand out from the crowd you can choose purple as the colour theme for the wedding. The colour purple represents qualities like magic, history, strength and creativity. People who like this colour are usually considered sensitive, artistic, witty, tolerant and intuitive.

Unlike roses which are available all throughout the year, all purple colour flowers are not available throughout the year. However there is nothing to worry as there are professional flower artists who can create beautiful flower arrangements using seasonal purple flowers. Some of these flowers are easily available and can be grown in your backyard or garden while others belong to the exotic variety like orchids which needs to be pre-ordered.

flower bouquet

Here is a list of different purple flowers which you can use for your purple theme wedding

Purple Tulips

Purple tulips are one of the most exotic varieties of tulips available only during the spring time. This flower can be used in a bouquet along with Lotus pods, dusty miller and other varieties of plants which can enhance its beauty.


Anemone is a relatively simple flower with dark purple hues. One big advantage of this flower lies in the fact that it is available all throughout the year. Anemones are used with flowers and features in wedding bouquets which are artistically crafted to be kept as the wedding centrepiece.


Aster is relatively simple looking flower which is available mainly in the autumn season. The flower has its own typical beauty and elegance which blends very well with other flowers in a bouquet.


Hyacinth is a beautiful flower and they are available only during the spring time. The flower has a beautiful sent and comes in different shades of purple.

Purple lilac

Purple lilacs have a strong and heavy fragrance which makes them an ideal choice for the wedding bouquets. Traditional purple lilacs were used by suitors to owe their lady love. Lilacs love the sun and they are only available during the spring season.


If you are looking for a cheap variety of purple flowers which you can use as a backdrop for your purple themed wedding then Lupine flowers should be your ideal choice. These flowers are easily grown in the garden without any efforts and are known for the flowering purple spikes.


Wisteria Vines are probably one of the most romantic flowers which you can have for your purple themed wedding. Wisteria Vines cannot be imported or bought from any stores. You need to grow them around a set of available support near your wedding venue.

There are many companies who might offer you regular flower bouquet online, however if you wish to send a bouquet of exotic orchids or lilacs to your beloved you can always count on us. Giftalove offers online delivery services to send flower gifts in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai or any other part of India without having to worry about the delivery dates or service quality.

This Valentine Day! Surprise your Girlfriend with Amazing Gifts

Ladies love to be astonished by gifts, be it any occasion and when it is a matter of Valentine’s Day Gift then how can they remain untouched with this? Valentine's Day gives you the ideal chance to express your love for your sweetheart with a smart gift. So what are your decisions and choices when it comes to the selection part of the Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend? If you are a kind of person bit confused in this matter then below are mentioned some of the unique gift items that you can give to your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day and make her feel valued and special:

1. Precious Jewellery

This one is an easy decision. Valuable jewellery like fragile earrings, shimmering necklaces or attractive bracelets is exemplary romantic Valentine gifts for Girlfriend to make your love feel special on Valentine's Day. The main thing to recollect is to pick gifts according to her taste and likes. On the off chance that you are aware of a specific bit of gift items that she has been waiting for a long time, now would be the ideal time to lift it up.

In the event that you are in the state of mind to go overboard, then diamond is for sure the best gift to show your everlasting affection. The gift portal gives you a wide range of heart-shaped diamond rings and other charming jewellery in all sizes and designs. Take her out for lavish dinner and give her this precious gift in a candle light atmosphere and you are ensured to see a thousand-watt smile on her face that will make it all justified, despite all the trouble!

2.  Clothes and Accessories

On the off chance that you need to give her a wearable gift, then garments and accessories are a decent alternative. The online gifting portal gives you an option to you to get branded clothes that your sweetheart will surely like. Different choices incorporate purchasing a warm and comfortable scarf that will help her to remember you each time she wraps it around herself or an enchanting watch that she can put to utilize every day!

On the off chance that you are considering shoes or purses, we firmly suggest that the purchase is done just on the off chance that you are aware of heels that your valentine has been craving. Then again on the off chance that you need it to be a genuine astonishment, you could get one of our truly delightful Indian clutches that will be most probably liked by your girlfriend.

When you have options to Buy Gifts and send it your girlfriend no matter at which part of the world she is. How about giving her a Gift basket where you can mix and match different gift items and along with beautiful flowers, tasty chocolate box, Valentine Cake and other romantic gift items together in a  packing box or tray and get it delivered to her address. Likewise, you can incorporate Personalized Photo frame, heart shape red Rose Flower bouquet, red color heart shaped cushion and other such Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend is a nice idea.

Giftalove gives you ample choices for the Valentine’s Day Gift and you can easily proceed for online shopping to buy Valentine Day Gifts to your beloved and make her feel special. Gift this Valentine’s Day something unique that she deserves and has not expected also, from this online portal at a pocket- friendly price.

This Valentine’s Day! Make the Day More Colorful With Amazing Flower Bouquet

Valentine's Day is a celebration that values love and sentiment. Usually, couples started to have a ton of fun for the day by giving love notes and straightforward gifts, for example, Valentine Flower Bouquets. Valentine's Day is cherished by individuals of all age groups. It is the day to express your profound love and real sentiments to that somebody unique in your life. It is the day when couples impart their deepest sentiments to those whom they cherish the most and who have significant importance and centrality to their lives. Different flowers have different meanings and so the numbers have. So, this time when you choose to send Flowers to Delhi, pick the flowers that you think is the best for your beloved and then order a flower bouquet online( ).

Valentine's day flower

Colorful and Beautiful Flowers express your emotions straightforwardly. They have their own language that expresses the true feelings of the heart. Sometimes words neglect to express your sentiments, it is Flowers that does the work very well.

As far as giving gifts is considered, one thing that is in fashion, tradition or you can say demand, is the fresh Valentine Flower Bouquets. They are cherished and preferred by all. Its scent has something in it that brings a smile to the face and heart. It is thus, a common saying that a fresh flower bouquet is an awesome gift that can be a perfect gifting item on Valentine’s Day. There are many online portals that give you different choices to choose flowers of different varieties and order for a stylish bouquet.

Infect you can buy fresh flowers online that gives you ample ranges to pick be it seasonal or non-seasonal, you need not worry for that. On Valentine’s Day, the most demanded flowers are Roses that also red Rose. The flower is available in different colors that can be combined and arranged to make a beautiful flower bouquet. The online florists prepare the bouquet as per customers’ choice of flowers and send Valentine flower bouquets to the mentioned shipping address of your beloved.

Different colors of Roses signify different meaning which is illustrated below:

1.Red Roses: the ideal Valentine’s Day Flowers and the one of the best way to convey “I Love You” to show beauty and feeling of affection to the love of your life. Gift this Valentine’s Day; a heart-shaped bouquet of red Roses that truly shows the true feeling of love and win the heart of your beloved once again.

2. Orange Roses: The flower of excitement and passion and a beautiful way to express the feeling of romance. Convey a meaningful love message to your beloved with an orange Rose flower bouquet

3. Lavender Roses: Love, at first sight, is beautifully expressed with Lavender Roses that is believed to a sign of enchantment and has is demanded for its fantasy appearance.

4. Pink Roses:  want to admire your beloved on Valentine’s Day, gift a flower or a flower bouquet of pink Roses to express your true admiration. A perfect symbol of grace, pink Roses are believed to have elegance appearance.

5. White Rose: It speaks to purity and immaculateness and a generally connected with relational unions and fresh starts. A bunch of white rose is an immaculate approach to let your beloved or loved one to know that he/she is thinking about you.

6. Yellow Roses: With regards to sending a happy message, yellow roses are your closest companion. Truth be told, these roses are a conventional image of companionship. A bunch of yellow roses tends to illuminate the room, making them a perfect approach to express profound gratitude.

Now, you must be aware of the different secret meaning of red Roses. Choosing the best flower is one of the ways to convey the message. So, this Valentine’s Day chooses the flower with a true hidden feeling within you and gift it to your love.

A combination of Red and Yellow Roses truly a symbol of celebration and joy and when yellow and white Roses are combined to prepare a bouquet, it specifies harmony. No to forget to mention that a combination of Red Roses and White Roses shows unity and so it also a preferred combination when it comes to the matter of flower bouquets.

As mentioned earlier, Rose Numbers also plays an important role for Valentine’s Day. For instance,

Single Rose: Supreme devotion for a single person

Ø  2 Roses: feeling of Marriage, when combined together and offered as gift.

Ø  6 Roses: indicate your need to be loved

Ø  11 Roses: assures your love that he/she truly loves you

Ø  13 Roses: shows you are a silent admirer

Ø  365 Roses: denotes love is constant round the year

This Valentine’s Day, choose the best flower or flower bouquets with appropriate numbers of flowers in it and send Flowers to Delhi via online portal and give a big surprise to your beloved with amazing gifts.