Top Ten Traditional Indian Sweets Famous in Overseas as well!!

Indians are famous for having sweet tooth. There are countless number of desserts which are consumed in joyful festivals like Holi, Diwali & other special occasions. In fact Indian sweet desserts are very popular throughout the world.

Traditional sweets delicacies such as Gujiya, Rabri, Rasgulla Laddo, Burfee are some of the popular sweets among people staying in overseas. You can buy these mouth watering products from online portals & send Holi gifts to USA, UK, Japan, Europe & parts of Asia for your loved one residing there. Therefore the best way to send the Indian sweets overseas is through online stores.

Here are a few popular Indian sweets that have gained immense popularity in foreign countries.

1.    Gujiya
Gujiya is also known as Holi guijya because it is closely associated with these colourful festivals. These are basically stuffed dumplings stuffed with coconut grate and roasted semolina. Then deep fried in oil & dipped in thick sugar syrup.

2.    Rabri
It is a unique delicacy of Benaras region of India It is made of condensed milk, saffron (i.e. kesar) and crushed dry fruits like almonds, pistachio are mixed. It is served hot after full coarse meal or it can be kept in refrigerator to serve it cold.

3.    Sonpapdi
This a very common sweet from Gujarat yet always in demand in other states of India well as overseas. It is squared shape sweet made up of gram flour & ghee and usually served as thin flakes, garnished with Pistachio.

4.    Malpua
It is one of the famous Indian delicacies in eastern India especially West Bengal. It is a pancake made up of all purpose flour, semolina & deeply fried as well as soaked in sugar syrup. Rose water or cardimons are added for giving flavours.

5.    Rasgulla
It is another popular Indian sweets originally from West Bengal, but delightfully eaten by all Indians. These sweet desserts look like white spongy balls made from cottage cheese. They are dipped in light syrup.

6.     Sandesh

This is wonderful dessert from Bengal & it is prepared from milk as well as sugar. People also use cottage cheese prepared from by soared milk. These mouth watering sweets can be presented in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours & designs. Few popular types are sandesh made from jaggery, orange sandesh, mango sandesh, sandesh made from ice cream & strawberry etc.

7.    Barfee
It is prepared out of condensed milk as well as sugar untill it gets solidified & unique shapes are given Common varieties are Khoya barfi or the product made purely from thickened milk, Kaaju barfi/Katli  crushed cashews & added generously. Another variety is special barfee is made from blanched pistachios. They are found in different shapes and colours. Chocolate barfee is also very popular among this category of sweets.

8.    Peda
Besides Gujiya, Holi is also famous for peda & offered to Indian Gods. However they are very tasty and are prepared in round shapes. The main ingredients are khoya, sugar and flavorings agents like cardimons seeds, edible rose water, pistachio nuts and saffron. The colour of peda sweets varies from a creamy to caramel white colours.

9.    Rasmalai
This sweet dish item is originally believed to have come from Indian state of Odisha. The word Ras means juice and Malai means cream in Hindi. It is described as a tasty flat & round cheese cake dipped in condensed milk & flavoured with finely chopped Pistachios.

10.    Kalakand
It is a milky sweet, also known as milk cake. It is key ingredient is milk that’s why it appears white in colour. It is also served during auspicious festivals like Holi, Navratris and other Indian festivals.

So these are some of the famous Indian sweets which are equally popular & desirable by people staying overseas. You can buy these traditional sweets in fresh & delicious packages from Giftalove.


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