Send Rakhi to India with Free Shipping Service from Reputed E-stores!!

Online rakhi gifts have enabled us to bring smile on our long distance siblings and cousins. No matter wherever your brother stays, you can send rakhi to India with free shipping @ and surprise them. Reputed e-stores in India, offers vast range of designer rakhi, fancy rakhi, gift hampers, rakhi with sweets(, dry fruits & chocolates. A few decades back, it was a big deal. People have to go through a lot of problems for sending rakhi gifts and sweets to their brothers staying far from home in distant parts of India & overseas as well. Thanks to e-commerce channels, the online delivery of rakhi and wonderful gifts has become not only hassle free but also a cheaper option. 

Online customers do not need to leave their comfort at home, nor they need to dress up and get ready for going to the marketplace. Sending rakhi and gifts via courier charges a good amount of money.

Online shoppers just need to go browse the e-stores & select a suitable gift according to their budget & choice.

All the sisters need to do is to browse the websites to select the one which suits the particular needs of the customer. Online rakhi have wide range of choices in all price range. Sisters can send Mouli Rakhi, Kalwa Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Gold Plated Rakhi, Silver Rakhi, Kundan Rakhi and many more. These rakhi threads and bracelets are designed to look trendy as per modern times and would go well on people of different age groups.

Your brother may like the feel & look of ethnic rakhi than modern designs of fancy ones. A traditional Rakhi Thali including an ethnic rakhi set, Roli, Chawal, Diya and sweets can surely impress your brother. Ehnic rakhi made of sandalwood & with red and yellow thread has a unique elegance.

Similarly, for your exquisite bro who like something extravagant and graceful, pearl white rakhi is an ideal choice. Online rakhi stores offer exclusive rakhi collection like sandal wood, Gold rakhi bracelet and pearl rakhi that can make a lasting keepsake.

For a gourmet festivity treat, choose traditional rakhi sweets like juicy Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Soan Papdi and many more. Imported chocolates and assorted pack of dry fruits in beautiful pickings also make some delectable surprise. These sweet surprises would bring additional sweetness into the relationship.

Online stores offer especially designed coffee mugs, pillows, cushion and teddy in the category of customized gifting options. These personalized gifts are the perfect one to tell your brother how much he is close to your heart. is one of the reputed e-stores. It is offering free shipping of online rakhi and rakhi gifts across India and international places as well.

Tips on Choosing Rakhi and Other Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is not too far away and you must surely be missing your brother living far away from you in Australia. You are so badly wishing he was here with you and you could wrap the Rakhi strap around his wrist. Unfortunately, this year it will not be possible as he is not in the position to come back. But there is definitely a solution. Of course it cannot be denied that nothing can compensate for his physical presence this Raksha Bandhan. However, we can do whatever best we can do for him. You can buy a Rakhi online and send it to him. It is for sure that he will be reminded of all the good times he has spent with you. It will also remind him of all the beautiful days of Raksha Bandhan. However, before you send the Rakhi to your brother (elder or younger) here are a few things you will want to bear in mind.

What are Your Brother’s Preferences?

When choosing the Rakhi and the gifts for your brother, always keep his personal preferences in mind. Of course your brother will be happy to see just about any gift from you, but if the gift is as per his choices and preferences, he will be even happier. He will be glad to know that you kept his likings in mind. For example, while choosing the designer Rakhi, remember whether your brother likes the big size or small size. Some people want the things to be flashy while some want to keep it simple and sober. Sending the Rakhi to Australia to your brother, which he will perhaps also wear to work will only make sense if you have made the right choice as per his preferences.

Was there something in Your Brother’s Mind?

If you are sending a gift along with Rakhi, again you will need to be a little thoughtful about it. For example, think about what your brother would love to have. Also, whether there is anything that your brother had been planning to buy but could not do it for certain reasons. If your gift is something that the brother really wants to have, you are truly going to make his day on Rakhi. So choose carefully and give it due thought. Your brother deserves it.

Do not forget the Expression

Rakhi is a custom; it is a tradition. However, more than that, it is also an expression of the love of siblings for each other. Therefore, whether you are buying kids Rakhi ( or Rakhi for an adult, always keep in mind that you are not doing it just because you have to do it. You are buying the gift and Rakhi because you want to express your true love. You may have all the money in the world, but buying a gift thoughtlessly will not bring as much joy to your brother’s life as a gift that you have thought over and selected with love.

Even brothers can choose to buy gifts for their sisters this Raksha Bandhan.

5 Cool Personalised Friendship Day Gift Ideas to Choose Gifting!

If the approaching date of friendship day is making you worried then it must be the worry of what to choose gifting your dear friends this year, right? So here this blog is basically meant for all those to read who are totally confused with the idea of beat Friendship’s Day gifts as this blog will introduce you with some amazing Personalized Friendship Day Gifts ideas that are really special and loving.

Time spent with close and dear friends are most memorable one. Friends are our dearest buddies with whom we have fun, share heartily feelings, know all the secrets, love to hang around with and get support at every phase of life. They are best support and guidance in fact. Thus when it’s Friendship Day nearby, everyone go through the same dilemma of what to choose and gift their friends this year.

Obviously you need something special and loving for your dearest friend that can express your heartily emotions of affection and care and something that can let your friend feel special. So when it’s such a situation then it can be nothing much better than Personalized Friendship Day gifts? Not only personalized gifts are special but also a memorable token of love.

So here are some cool Personalized Friendship Day gift ideas for your cool friends:
  • Personalized Cushion:-For your dear friends, a personalized cushion is one of the best gifting options to choose. Also you need not to do much. Just select a picture of your dear friend clicked with you and get it printed over a plain cushion with a nice quote for your friend.  
  • Personalize Caricature:-If you are looking for a funky gift then this gift options is simply the best to choose. All you need is to go through the range of Personalized Caricature with a suitable cartoon figure to choose and get it personalized with a face picture of your dear friend. It’s a table top that is sure to bring a laugh on your dear friend’s face.  
  • Personalized Photo Frame:-A heart touching personalized gift option is a personalized Photo frame. It should be a photo frame with multiple photo tagging frames in it so that you can put many pictures of your dear friend with on it. It would be one if the best token of love for your friend. Also you can choose such frames if you have a group of friends with each one’s picture on it.  
  • Personalized Coffee Mug:-One of the most reasonable yet popular and much preferred personalized gifts for friend is Personalized Coffee Mug. It can be any way that you can personalize a coffee mug, either with a single picture or multiple pictures of your dear friend.  
  • Personalized Wall Clock:-Another very impressive token of love for your dearest friend can be a Personalized Wall Clock. It is one such gift option that your dear friend would definitely love to keep it safe as a perfect token of friendship. Now days wall clocks with multiple picture frames are easily available everywhere. You just pick the one and get every frame personalized with memorable pictures of your dear friend.
To buy such Friendship Day gifts online, you can log on to Giftalove that has now come up with an exclusive catalogue of Online Friendship Day Gifts at amazing prices. Also the portal is a best place to explore a vast variety of gifts, flowers and cake ranges to buy online for any celebration round the year.

3 Most Sought After Choices for Friendship Day Bands to Make!

For all this is the time to shop for your dear friends. Oh no... I am not talking about helping your friend in his shopping rather it’s time to shop for Friendship Day gifts for all your dear friends. Choose a beautiful friendship for your friend.

The second Sunday of the month of August is the celebration day for Friendship Day. It is the day dedicated to the beautiful relationship of friends. Thus people usually fix the friendship day to celebrate with all close and dear friends. Also they exchange gifts, flowers, cut cakes and enjoy a great time together. But one thing without which friendship day celebration is referred incomplete is by tying Friendship bands to dear friends.

So here are some Friendship Day bands suggestions that are sure to help everyone in making a choice for the perfect Friendship Day bands for their dearest friends. These are:

Colourful Beaded Friendship Band:

One of the most beautiful and popular Friendship day band is a beaded friendship band. It is available in variety of colour combinations, designs and patterns. In fact it is one such friendship day band that your friend can wear for long as a bracelet.

Colourful Nylon Strap Bands:

Another choice for colourful friendship day band is the nylon strap bands. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful friendship day bands. It is one of the most preferred choices for friendship day bands among the youngsters and is available in amazing colourful strap combinations and designs.

Leather Friendship Bands:

Now this is one of the most favourite choices for friendship day bands among the boys. These are available in trendy patterns and styles. These friendship bands are usually made of different sized and colours leather straps that are weaved together in various ways.

These were 3 most popular choices for Friendship day bands. However to buy more such beautiful Bands for Friendship day, you can log on to  that is now offering its customers with  vast range of online friendship day bands at much attractive prices. Also customer can buy Friendship Day gifts from vast variety of unique gifting options. So hurry!

When I Received Mauli Rakhi and Sent Rakhi Gifts to India

Some relationships are beyond all hypes and they are marked by simplicity. Yet they are extremely valuable. Only if one is related to you, you can understand the value of such relationships. One such relationship is that of brothers and sisters. The intensity of the bond of love and affection can be felt at all times, but is especially treasured, when one is far away from the other.

I felt the same when I received mauli rakhi from my loved sister who was far away in India and I was in Canada, where I had settled some years back. Rakhi is one of the occasions for Hindu people when the great relationships are explained through simple threads of love. This is also an occasion that has made the traditional mauli rakhi extremely popular.

Opting for these rakhis can render the occasion special and that is what I experienced. It is also the way of upholding our glorious values and traditions of the past. The rakhi that was received by me from my treasured sister was something unique. Though the thread was plain, it has minute and interesting details of Swastika embedded on it. I was overwhelmed thinking that my sister had sent rakhi for brother with the intention of seeing him safe and sound and free from evil influences. That is what the swastika emblem means.

It also made clear to me that my sister who was so far away still feels for me and wants to see me fine. Rakhi is the bond of eternal love and affection between the brother and sister. It also imposes a duty on the brother to protect and support the sister at the times of need.

But it was now my turn to see that the gesture of my sister who sent rakhi for brother does not go without the right response. Giving the sister a Rakhi gift is atradition followed in Hindu families. However choosing the gift was more difficult than I had thought of. Fortunately, I found an online rakhi gift store as I had decided to send rakhi gifts to India.

The store is not only one of the best in terms of rakhi gifts for sisters but also offers a gamut of combo gifts that can be dispatched online. Chocolates, cakes, laddoos, gift hampers, jewellery, and precious items; there is hardly some gift that is not available on the website. Buyer can easily choose the best according to his or her choice and budget. The best part is their delivery system which facilitates you to send rakhi gifts to India from any part of the world.

I am also thankful to the guidance and support offered by the online stores giving me ideas. This helped me and my wife select the right rakhi gift to be sent to India to my sister.  I was happy because the gift was befitting the unique rakhi I received on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Thanks to Online Gifts, the gift I sent was just the one that my sister would love.

Never Feel Drifted for There is Every Possibility to Stay Close

I have a very adorable brother who is almost 12 years younger to me staying in Canada with Dad. Mom and me,we stayed back in Kolkata to look after my ailing Grandfather years back. Since Dad’s job was non-negotiable, he had to move to Canada no matter how much he resisted the process. I had already done my fair share of studies by that time andI would have found it difficult to adjust to Canada’s way of education. But Kaushal just joined a school back then, so that’s why Daddy thought of taking him there for a fresh start altogether.

I am 27 and he is 15 now. Totally different from me, Kaushal is already a dude. Even though I expect him to be more sober and polite, but he is just carefree with words. Grandpa died 5 years after Dad went to Canada.  We are so used to our ways of lives that none of us ever felt like restarting our lives there by shifting to Canada. Also Mom got a job in a big corporate here and she needs to continue working because dad is taking a voluntary retirement the next year. We would all be finally united after a pretty long stretch.

I have been trying to get Kaushal used to Indian culture, our ways and rituals. By far he has admitted to like only Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Navaratri. The few times when he came to India, I showed him different pictures and videos of all the festivals and explained the significance of festivals. Now let me introduce you to his foreigner mentality! He says there is a real purpose for celebrating rakhi that is to re-live a beautiful relationship between siblings. But other festivals are pretty pointless.

He loves gorging on dry fruits and soan-papdis from Pooja thalis. He even goes to the level of stealing those when he would be here during any festival. Since he is a tad bit sincere towards this festival, I have planned to send him a rakhi with dry fruits via this year. Sending rakhi to Canada is not an issue these days with such a trust-worthy and user-friendly website delivering any gift anywhere in the world with just a click of a button.

I will also be sending a personalized coffee mug for Dad along with the rakhi with dry fruits for my brother. We barely got to know each other because of Dad’s demanding job, but I do my bit trying to guess what he likes and conjuring up old forgotten times whenever he chats with me over the phone.

I have kept it a secret from both of them that I am sending some gifts and a Rakhi to Canada. Kaushal always acts as a spoil sport by guessing what I am up to and tipping Dad off about it. Few more days and I will be able to execute my flawless plan and till now Kaushal is clueless!

Send Rakhi to USA Online with Puja Thali

There was a time when despite sending rakhi a month prior to the festival, it did not reach the destination. “Last year I sent Rakhi to USA a month before the festival through courier services. It never reached the destination in time. My brother was so angry with me that he stopped corresponding with me for a long time, thinking that I had forgotten sending rakhi. This happened despite no fault from my side in the entire issue”, recalls Reema Malhotra a sister from India.

She was talking about the hazards of traditional courier and mailing systems. In this process, delays are common. The delay also resulted in a mental rift between the siblings staying at distance, at times. Thanks to computer and Internet, these issues no more pose major problems.

Most of these gift sending activities are carried online these days. Sending rakhi and rakhi gifts are no exception to this common practice adopted in the digital era. In addition, social media has squeezed the earth and brought countries closer to each other. A sister from India can now send rakhi to USA or for that matter to any part of the world in a short time. Only thing important in this case is to find a reliable and efficient online store to carry out the task.

When the sender resorts to a quality online store like, sending rakhi or gifts to any part of the globe becomes not just easy, but affordable and hassle-free. The store not only helps send rakhi to different distant countries, but also helps in choosing the right one. They offer huge options for the buyers to choose from along with a lot of ideas. In addition to traditional mauli rakhi, the store has various designer rakhis and wide variety of kids rakhis too. You can also choose an apt gift for your brother or bhabhi from the store.

With issues relating to sending rakhi resolved and huge range of options, sisters are becoming little more innovative these days. One of the innovative ideas is sending rakhi with pooja Thali along with a personalized message,if you wish to surprise your brother sitting in Australia, USA or UK. These Thalis have been integral part of rakhi festival for long and can bring back the memories of past times. Sisters prepare and decorate the thali in the early morning of the festive day of Raksha Bandhan. They would conduct aarti of their brothers before tying the sacred thread around their wrists. Sending Rakhi with pooja thali can touch your brother with a feeling of you being around him, praying for his well-being.

With the siblings far apart due to geographical distance, presence of both on the occasion is often not possible. At the same time the mesmeric aura of the pooja thali still remains an attractive part of the occasion. Quality stores like perfectly facilitate the process of having each and every thing related to rakhi to make the celebration of the festival complete. Sisters are no more deprived of continuing the tradition of pooja of their brothers. Brothers won’t miss the great feeling of blessings pouring on them.

Surprise Your Brother On Raksha Bandhan With The Help Of

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is etched deep within the Hindu tradition and culture. It is a festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated throughout the day, where people engage in festivities, fun and frolic. These are the memories of Raksha Bandhan I have since my childhood days.

These memories have remained mere memories thanks to the distance that has grown up between my brother and me. He is now working for a multi-national company, and stays busy with the various demands and requirements of the company, and is settled in Chennai, which is miles away from where I stay.

Raksha Bandhan is nothing more but another day for us nowadays. The maximum interaction that takes place between us on the sacred day is the little conversation over the telephone. Last year, I decided to change our Raksha Bandhan plans.

Gifts play a major role in Raksha Bandhan, and are symbolic of the well-wishes that are showered by the siblings towards each other. I had heard of from a friend, who had used the website to get gifts delivered to his sister. I was very interested in giving it a go, and a few days before the day of Raksha Bandhan I logged in, and to my amazement, I found a vast range of gifts to choose from.
Getting Rakhi gifts for Brother ( was never this interesting. At, the stocks were full of the most gorgeous Rakhis. The variety was simply mindboggling. At one point of time, I thought there would be no end to my browsing and scrolling. No matter what age your brother is, you can find some gift or the other on

I chose a smart pair of designer rakhis, along with a few chocolate combos as Rakhi gifts for Brother. My brother has been an avid chocolate lover from his childhood, and the delicious chocolate on offer at would surely make him melt, I thought.

After the ordering process was complete, I had to find out how to have it delivered to his doorstep on the day of the festival. Thanks to the easy navigation at, it took me virtually no time to determine that to send rakhi to Chennai, only a few more clicks were required; it was really that simple.

Never did I send rakhi to Chennai in this fashion before, but I steadied myself, and went ahead with the plan. I waited eagerly, and then the day of the festival was just a few hours away. I woke up in the morning with a slight feeling of anticipation and excitement, and also a little worry. The phone rang just a while later. On picking it up, I heard a burst of laughter for my brother, who sounded very pleased with the gifts I had sent him. We almost spent another two hours gossiping with each other.

Thanks to, the charm of Rakhi is back in the lives of my brother and me.

Send Rakhi to California With Sweets and Love

Facilities for sending rakhi online have brought up many changes in the process. Today rakhi is no more sent as a standalone item. Instead many things are added to it as a gift from sister. It not only indicates the love and affection of the sister for brother but also makes the Rakhi festival worth cherishing. For instance; a trend has now grown up where sisters send rakhi with sweets for their brothers online.

In the past, sending such gifts posed certain risks. In traditional form of transport, the deliveries were often delayed. This could result in sweets decaying. With online delivery system now in vogue, such possibilities are rare. Even when the sister sends rakhi to California the sweets, dry fruits and such other things can be delivered in time. The brother would receive them in time and in fairly good condition. Siblings would also re-live the memories of moments when they were together with their beloved sisters.

Such gifts accompanying rakhi depict the eternal bond of love and affection between sisters and brothers. Only requirement for the sender is finding out reliable and efficient online store for the purpose. Such store would offer a host of options to choose from. In addition; it would also provide the sender with the facilities of overseas delivery. Thus a sister in India can easily send rakhi to California with sweets now.

Sweets are an integral part of Hindu and Indian celebrations. On every auspicious occasion like marriage child birth or notable success, distribution of sweets is the custom. It is also customary in different festivals. Rakhi is certainly one of those festivals where sweets play a major role. Sisters would prepare the auspicious rakhi thali consisting of sacred thread. The thali would contain various other ingredients and above all; sweets.

It is difficult imagine the Raksha Bandhan ceremony without sweets. While tying the sacred thread around brother’s wrist, the sister feeds him with sweets. In turn the brother also feeds the sister with sweets. In addition; sweets are distributed to all those are present on the occasion.

Fact that the siblings are separated by geographical distance does not reduce the importance of sweets. This is especially because sweets can be sent with rakhi to most of the distant locations. Online stores like make it easy and convenient for the sender. Sisters looking to send rakhi with sweets for brothers would find it easy and convenient to use their services. The online store offers excellent customer services at most reasonable prices.

Best part of it is that they have many innovative ideas with which the rakhi and gifts can be made memorable. Recipients would not only enjoy tasty sweets but also their packaging. High quality packages with attractive wrappers make the sweets even more desirable for the recipient.

Some sisters may be worried considering their brothers being diabetic. Does it mean they cannot send sweets with rakhi? Certainly not! The online store has a whole range of sugar free sweets that one can send with rakhi.
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Send Beautiful Rakhi & Gift Combos to USA for Your Adorable Bro!!

The auspicious festival of rakhi is around the corner. This year it will be celebrated on 29th August 2015. A month before arrival of this festival, women of all age groups are found to be gearing up for this occasion. They buy beautiful rakhi for their dear Bhaiya and Bhabhi as well. Rakhi celebration also includes gourmet sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, gift surprises and curios. Sisters like to buy not only rakhi for their brother but also get sweet hampers, rakhi combos and personalized gifts for them.   

This rakhi, if you are going to miss your dearest brother then send online rakhi gifts and make this Rakhi as special as usual.

Advance Rakhi Surprise:

You are thinking how to make up for your absence beside your brother on this rakhi. It’s better to plan in advance than getting late & sorry. Buy a suitable Rakhi which includes Pearl Rakhi, Designer Rakhi (, Silver Rakhi and Fancy Rakhi etc. Check out the vast collection of online rakhi & combos for your brother. Advance Rakhi gifts delivery would enable you to see the joy of receiving the gift item on your dear bother’s face before you leave.

Overseas Rakhi Surprise:

If your brother is staying in abroad say in USA, then it is wise to send rakhi to USA via online portals. These gifting sites have worldwide delivery network and known to deliver products without any delay. This rakhi, send gold plated Rakhi Bracelet or Semiprecious/Precious Rakhi Bracelet to your overseas brother. Show them how much they are been missed & remembered by you in this festivity.  You can also send delightful combos like rakhi with Gulab jamun, tasty Rasgulla and mouth watering Soan Padpi to them.

Get closer with your Long Distant Brother:

With the advent of e-commerce, geographical barrier & long distances cannot spoil the spirit of Rakhi celebration. Online rakhi gift stores are the perfect choice for getting Rakhi hampers delivered on time to beloved brother. You can chose to send personalized & sentimental gifts as Rakhi presents. Online gifting portals offer Rakhi festival special - personalized T-shirts, printed coffee mugs, photo frames, customized key chains, wall/table clocks and many more. 

Belated Rakhi Surprise:

If you forget to send Rakhi to your beloved Bhaiya on this festivity, do not feel guilty about it. There are a number of exciting ways to make up for that. Just send belated rakhi wishes with a delicious Rakhi Chocolate Cake. This mouthwatering dessert would surely melt the anger of your brother. If your brother is not fond of sweets then send the goodness of dry fruits and fresh fruit hamper. Online stores also offer rakhi flower bouquets, chocolates, dry fruits & fresh fruits in various assortments & quantities.

So these are some Rakhi gifts ideas. Log on to Rakhi.giftalove and check out the amazing collection of rakhi. You can select set of 2 rakhi, 3 rakhi, 6 rakhi and bunch of 12 rakhi as well. This website is also offering divine rakhi such as Rudraksha Rakhi, Shri Shri Ganesha Rakhi, Swastiks Rakhi and Om rakhi as well.