Online Rakhi Gifts That Can Make Your Siblings’ Hearts Melt

In Hindu custom, the festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond that exists between a brother and a sister. It is a festival that has been celebrated since time immemorial, and continues to be an occasion which siblings wait for every single year. The main ritual involves the tying of the ‘rakhi’ or the sacred thread on the brother’s wrist, which is done by the sister. An exchange of gifts, hugs and a lot of love follows, and the day is spent in celebrating.

Many modern Indian households are facing the problem of the brothers and sisters living in different locations around the world. This distance may be due to reasons that are either personal or professional, but either way, for both brothers and sisters, it is a difficult thing to digest. Raksha Bandhan is one Hindu festival that truly captures the brother-sister spirit. In this situation, being away from your sibling and family is not an easy thing to accept.

However, with online rakhi gifts trending, it is possible to send rakhi to UK, USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best online rakhi gifts:

 •   Clothing & Accessories: Clothing has evolved from being just a necessity to being something that     expresses individuality. Clothes always make for great rakhi gifts. Head out on to the internet and check out the latest that the world of fashion has to offer. Also check out cool accessories such as belts and organizers to make your sibling feel special.

•    Sweets &Mithai: ‘Mithai’ is the name given to Indian sweets and these delicious little things make for amazing Rakhigifts as well. This is especially a great gift if your sibling stays in a foreign country and does not have any access to traditional Indian sweets. Mithai is a regular feature in almost every Hindu festival that exists and is the perfect gift for siblings staying abroad. As a special treat, send the sweet that your sibling loves the most.

•    Personalized Gifts: The most touching gifts of all are those which acknowledge who we are as people. And this is no different when it comes to Rakhi gifts. Yes, you can obviously search the internet and gift your sibling the latest designer clothing, or a fancy perfume from a world-famous brand. But very few things manage to beat the emotional aspect that personalized gifts have. You could give your brother a stylish coffee mug with a picture of your childhood days or you could choose a personalized cushion, with an image of happiness from the past.

Many people are still skeptical about using the internet for the purpose of sending rakhi gifts, but you can trust rakhi.giftalove when it comes to sending Rakhi gifts to different parts of the world. If you have a brother in the United Kingdom, you can Send Rakhi to UK without any worries about the delivery process. Send rakhi to UK with personalized messages for a more emotional appeal.

Gift Him the Goodness of Dry Fruits as Father’s Day Gifts!!

Are you looking for Father’s day gifts to your dearest daddy? If yes, then you must be wondering what to present him on this special occasion, as he already possess all the things he wanted to have in his life. This time you can present him the goodness of nature i.e. Gift hamper containing Dry fruits. 

Even if your dad is staying far off, you can send Father’s day gifts to your dad via online stores.  These convenient stores offer a huge range of online Father’s Day Gifts like healthy dry fruits hampers comprising of almonds, cashew, walnut, apricot, Pistachio & many more.

You wish for a long & healthy life of your father. So why not give him the natural & tasty gift of dry fruits on this Father’s Day. Check out the wonderful health benefits offered by these amazing nuts. 

1.    Regulation of cholesterol

Regular consumption of dry fruits such as almonds & walnuts help to increase the level of good cholesterol i.e.  High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) and reduce the level of bad cholesterol i.e. Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL).

2.    Strong & Flexible Bones

Dry fruits are a fantastic source of essential vitamins, minerals like phosphorous, calcium & iron that we may miss out from our normal diet. Phosphorous can have a significant impact on the strength and durability of teeth and bones. In addition it also prevents the onset of age-related bone problems like osteoporosis and arthritis.

3.    Healthy Brain

Dry fruits like walnut & Almonds contain two essential brain nutrients. They are riboflavin and L-carnitine that have been proved to increase brain activity, lead to new neural pathways and decreased chances of occurrence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that adequate intake of dry fruits is beneficial to the overall health and functioning of the nervous system.

4.    Skin care

Dry fruits are also known to have amazing benefits in regards to skin health. Consumption of 7-12 almonds daily is good for bowel movement, purifies blood & resulting into naturally glowing skin from within.

5.    Regulation of blood pressure

The potassium present in dry fruits helps to control blood pressure. They are usually very low in sodium, thereby helps to control fluctuating levels of blood pressure. The other nutrients found in dry fruits also keep the body balanced and prevents any other deficiencies. Intake of balanced vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Thus it shall not be neglected otherwise the whole body can be affected with problems such as anxiety, stress and resulting into increased blood pressure.

6.    Boosts energy
The presence of copper, manganese and Riboflavin in almond is full of energy and boost up metabolic rate. If your dad is in a hurry & skips his breakfast quite often, a handful of dry fruits can get him through the day without piling up with unwanted calories or fats.

7.    Prevention of cancer

Dry fruits are rich in dietary fibers. They stimulate the movement of food through the colon, thereby prevents build-up and fight against colon cancer. Scientific studies have shown the link between high-fiber diets and reduced risk of colon cancer.

So these are some of the great health benefits of Dry fruits. You can also present the goodness of crunchynuts & dry fruits to your loving father. Log on to Giftalove for buying dry fruits hampers, assorted dry fruits box including several varieties in attractive gift wrap. 

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6 Affectionate Friendship Flowers for Your Best Pal!!

Flowers are beautiful gifts. They convey different sentiments & messages to people. There are distinct meanings associated with each flower types and shades. Friendship day is around the corner so you must be looking for Friendship day flowers for your close buddy. There are ample of floral choices that show friendship, trust & great companionship.

Have you ever thought about sending online flower bouquets? This year pick online floral gifts for your friend & arrange surprise delivery at his/her place. Your friend would be absolutely pleased & delighted to receive friendship blossoms. Check out below some of the popular flowers that stand for friendship.

1.    Yellow Rose

When it comes to friendship flowers, yellow roses top the chart. It has got official acclamation as friendship flowers. Thus, online florists are flooded with yellow rose bouquets before arrival of friendship day. This blossoms stands for friendship, delight & joy of being together. Thus you can either give a single rose or a bouquet of 20-30 yellow roses to your best friend.

2.    Iris

Iris indicates "your friendship means a lot to me". Besides this, iris also denotes valor, compassion & wisdom. It is found in a wide shade of colors but the most common type of colour is blue and purple.

3.    Daffodil

The daffodil is a unique bloom, trumpet-shaped with a ring of petals around it. It is considered to be a sign of true friendship, chivalry, new beginnings and rebirth. This flower is also known as narcissus, which is derived from Latin language. This charming flower is quite popular due to its exceptional beauty. The daffodil is commonly found in yellow or golden color but it can also be found in different colors such as red, pink and white.

4.    Peruvian Lily

The Peruvian lily is also called as lily of the Incas. It denotes total devotion & great bond of friendship. The flower also depicts selfless love and support. It conveys that the sender will always support the recipient. Thus, it is a wonderful choice for your friend on Friendship day. Besides, it has a long shelf life. Therefore your friend can enjoy its freshness for longer duration.

5.    Chrysanthemum

This flower also stands for friendship. They are also known as Mums or Chrysanths. It is given to portray the value of friendship. Thus they are popularly exchanged between friends. Moreover, it is used in floral bouquets along with other blooms. The flower can be found in several size and colors. Common colors of Chrysanths include yellow and white. Red and pink flowers of Chrysanths look exotic in appearance.

6.    Tulip

It is a bulbous shaped spring-flower, with colourful cup-shaped petals. Due to its shapes, it is easily recognized & loved by all. They look elegant, cute & bright at the same time. They are just perfect flowers to express the cute bond of friendship sender share with the receiver. Tulip also expresses genuine coziness and comfort in the friendly relationship.

These are six popular friendship day flowers that will match up with the occasion of Friendship day. These flowers would effectively convey your heartfelt emotions to your close friends. Log on to Giftalove for buying lovely flowers for your sweet friend.

6 Best Daughter’s Day Gifts for Your Angel !!

She is your little angel. She gave you around thousands of reasons to smile. It is your daughter who made you a proud mother/father. Let’s cherish her presence in your life on this Daughter’s Day by showering online Daughters Day Gifts

Daughter’s Day 2015 will be celebrated in 11th August 2015. You cute pie definitely deserves a wonderful gift. Make her feel deeply loved & pamper her amazing gifts even if she is staying away from you. Send Gifts to India on Daughter’s Day via online gifts delivery services. 

Here are some of the popular Daughter’s Day gift choices.

1.    Trendy Clothes

Every girl love to receive new & fashionable apparels. They just love to flaunt their style among peers. Online stores offer infinite collection for girls of all age groups. Pick branded clothes at discounted price for your daughter such as jeans, tees, straight cut kuris, anarkalis, maxi dress & many more etc. check out the summer collection and fresh arrivals section of leading stores. You will get a sense of latest trend.

2.    Designer Handbag

Next to clothes, this is the second most desirable item among girls. Online store provides amazing range of designer bags of all sizes, colours & styles. You can either pick a large tote, or a small clutch in square shape, colourful summery bag in cool shades like ice blue, peach & lemon yellow. She will be simply excited to flaunt her new bag among her friends.

3.    Chocolate Hamper

Get the aromatic, gourmet & fresh flavorsome chocolates from top brands at online stores. Gift her experience to indulge into the delectable world of chocolates on this Daughter’s day. A chocolate can turn any normal day into special day. It has a unique power to bring a huge smile on anybody’s face. A large chocolate bouquet with assorted range can melts any one’s heart. 

4.    Set of Cute Neck Pieces

Designer neck pieces in interesting shapes like butterfly, teddy bear, swan, crescent moon or heart shape would look simply stunning on your beautiful daughter. They are available in silver, platinum & Rose gold colour. 3 or 5 set of neck pieces wrapped together in a beautiful case will be a dazzling daughter day gifts for her. 

5.    Encourage Her Passion

This daughter’s day take out some time for your lovely angel & help her explore her passion.  She might be a good cook, guitarist, singing champ or a dancing price. Let her interest follow her passion & figure out the right thing to learn. Get her a musical instrument or enroll into the dance class she always wanted to learn.

6.    Wrist Watch

A beautiful wrist watch would be a timeless gift for your daughter. Tell her that time is precious and it never waits for anybody. Encourage to manage her time smartly. Online stores offer trendy wrist watches in amazing styles. You can pick colourful watch for your bubbly natured girl or a sporty digital watch for your dynamic daughter.
So these are six amazing & purposeful gifts for your daughter. Get thousands of wonderful online gifts at Giftalove. It is one of the well known online gifting portals in India. People can search for daughter day flowers, special greeting cards, cakes, chocolates, cosmetic hamper, hand bags and personalized gifts.

Non Traditional Ways of Gifting with Personalised Father’s Day Gift Hampers

Father occupies a very special place in the life of every child. He is the hero and inspiration of children. He is someone whom a child idolises while growing up. He is also our best friend and the safest place to hide from all complains and fears. Fathers are pampering and ever forgiving at heart, though apparently they may behave strict. Though we can never repay this wonderful man for everything that he has done for us, but on the occasion of Father’s Day, we can surely make him feel special and loved.

There can be no specific answer to what is an ideal father’s day gift. It is always a good idea to gift a person, something that he would love or something that would be useful for him. The options are somehow limited for our fathers compared to mothers. Gifting flowers, perfumes, pen stands, pen sets, shirts have been there since time immemorial. But, try something more thoughtful this father’s day. You can of course club your gift with flowers or cake, to make it more special. Online portals have made it really easy to send father’s day gifts to India and abroad making it convenient for children to make their dad feel loved.

The best thing that we can give our fathers is something regarding his hobby. For example if he likes fishing, then fishing kit customised hamper can be an ideal fathers day gift hamper. The fishing kit usually consists of different kinds of fishing lines, canned fish for bait and other fishing gear. Many men are also interested in golf. You can also gift a golf kit to your father. A complete kit would include golf sticks, balls, cooler etc. depending on the price range.

Some fathers are not very outgoing and love the cosiness of their home. A warm room, with a book and glass of his favourite drink is their idle way of relaxing. In case your dad matches this description, try gifting him a book on his favourite subject or spend some money on a wine set that would include beautifully carved wine glasses and a bottle of best quality wine from his favourite vineyard. 

Summer evenings and weekends are a wonderful way to celebrate with the family. If your family loves outdoor barbeque, then you can also consider gifting your father a barbeque set. There can be no better way to celebrate Father’s day and have a family lunch or dinner under the open sky with something cooked by your dear father on the brand new grill or barbeque oven.

In case you have a budget constrain, you can gift him a fruit basket as a father’s day gift hamper. Combine your gift basket with a handmade card. This will surely make his day a lot brighter. If your father loves sports, consider giving him key chains, car flags or T-shirts with the logo of his favourite team. Men tend to be very passionate about such things and these small gifts will definitely make him very happy.

If you are contemplating about how to send father’s day gifts to India or abroad, you can log on to and check out their wide range of thoughtful gift items available at a very competitive price.

Buy & Send a Surprise Mother’s Day Gift Online to Her!

Not getting the idea to surprise your momma this Mother’s Day? Well then worry not as you can make your momma feel very special with just a simple effort. This time just Send Mother’s Day Gift to her online. No matter if you are residing with her or far from her, getting a surprise online gift is sure to let her feel special and loved.

Across the world, the celebration of Mother’s Day is for saluting the Motherhood. It is the days of letting every mother feel special, loved and proud.  Thus this time when it is just few days left for the grand celebration of the Mother’s Day people are also getting busy in the search of best Mother’s Day gifts to present their mom and make her feel happy and loved.

For many the search of Mother’s Day gift is a matter of lots of excitement but many find it s a bit confusing thing. Though there are lot many options to think and choose gifting your mom but yet falling into confusion is very likely to happen with everyone. After all you need to gift your momma something affectionate, thoughtful and loving to dedicate and convey love to her, isn’t it? So if you too is in the same condition then these options might help you. Read below:

A Designer Saree:

For your momma who must be in love with wearing sarees then this is the best time to make her feel happy by gifting a beautiful designer saree to her. Just remember to consider her choice for the kind of sarees she loves to wear.

A Spa Hamper:

For you this Mother’s Day can be a great day of opportunity to show some love and care. Well you can do it by gifting a spa hamper to her that consists of all essential spa cosmetic options that she can use to relax and pamper herself. She is definitely going to love this Mother’s Day gift hammer a lot. Just consider packing it beautifully in a basket and decorated it with colored ribbons.

A Trendy Jewelery Piece:

Well it’s never a matter of doubt to choose and gifts jewelery for mom as she is definitely going to love this gifts a lot. Be it anything from the vast range of jewelry that you choose for her, it is sure to impress her a lot. In fact there are too many choices to make from a set of necklace, a pendant, a set of bangles, a trendy bracelet, pair of dazzling earrings and a lot more.

An Idol of God:

If your momma is a spiritual lady then this Mother’s Day you can simply make her happy by gifting an idol of God. This would be one of the most cheerful and affectionate gifts for her that she can always keep with her as a token of your love. Also for a spiritual mom like her, this would be one of the most special and loving gifts.

Kitchen Tools Hamper:

For your momma who spends her maximum time in cooking for her family in the kitchen, gifting a kitchen tool kit to her can be a great way to show her some love. There is plethora of options to choose and gift your momma from the range of kitchen tools and appliances. Just consider her needs or what she is eagerly willing to buy and gift the suitable kitchen tools or appliance. She would definitely feel very much happy on getting a purposeful gift like this.

However to explore more such gift options to select and buy online you can log on to Giftalove that offers a vast variety of Mother’s Day gifts at amazing prices and vast variety to choose from. In fact there is lot many gifts range to choose and buy online at So hurry and grab the best gifts or Mother’s Day Flowers ( now for your sweetheart mom!

This Mother’s Day Surprise Your Momma with Online Gifts!

Is being far away from your mom on this Mother’s Day is making you upset? Well it is obvious to feel so but yet there is a reason for you to feel happy about. No matter how many miles you are away from your momma, you can now send your token of love online to her. This means you can now send Mothers Day gifts to India online.

With the approaching date for the most awaited Mother’s Day celebration, everyone is gears up for the preparations for the day with lots of excitement. After all everyone is in the search of best Mother’s Day gift to dedicate their loving momma. After all a Mother’s Day gifts is the best thing to convey love to momma on Mother’s Day.

The wait for Mother’s Day may be quite exciting for many but for the ones who are residing far away from their mom it turns out as a quite upsetting thing.  After all everyone wants to spend some quality time with their momma and gift something special to her. And if someone is residing far from his/her mother then this turns out s a very upsetting thing. But now it’s never a matter to worry as now one can easily buy online Mother’s Day Gifts and further send it to mom residing at any part of the country.

In fact it is amazing to know that buying Mother’s Day gifts online comes with pretty good benefits that are sure to make up mind to gift your mom a an online Mother’s Day surprise this time. So this time when you would be buying gifts for mom online, you will be benefitted in terms of:

Saving Time:

For the people who are leading a busy and hectic lifestyle, buying gifts online for mom is a great way of shopping wasting hours of time for it. Rather it’s a matter of just few minutes to choose and buy an online Mother’s Day gifts and send it to mom residing at a distinct part of the country. Thus saves a lot of time over traditional ways of shopping.

Offering Convenience:

Now when you are no more required step out in the search of Mother’s Day gifts here and there at different gift stores and other market areas rather you are getting a vast variety of unique Mother’s Day gifts at one place on one online gifting website and that too being at the comfort of your home or being at your work place then it can be nothing much better than this.

Getting Plethora of Options to Choose:

Another very amazing benefit o buying Mother’s Day gifts online is getting a vast variety of Mother’s Day gift options to choose and buy online. Be it anything from jewelery to clothing, spa hamper, soft toys, handbags, cosmetic hampers, cakes, flowers, perfumes, personalized gifts, jewelery box, kitchen utensils, idols of god, good luck gifts or any other thing that you were planning to gift her on this Mother’s Day, a vast variety of these are available at online gifting websites to make a choice from.

Facility of Home Delivery:

For the ones who are residing far away from his/her momma, buying gifts online comes with the facility to buy and send Mother’s Day gifts online to anywhere across India. Also site like Giftalove also offers the facility to send Mother’s Day gifts to across the globe as well. In fact one can also gifts Mother’s Day gifts with a surprise to his/her mom through free shipping facility.

So this time when you were upset of not being with your loving mom, just don’t think no more and send Mother’s Day gifts to your dearest mom from online gifting websites this time and get benefitted with all such factors. In fact it’s time to hurry to buy Mother’s Day gifts online as it is just few days left for the celebration now! To buy simply log on to Giftalove and explore its Mother’s Day gift hampers( range.