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The brother’s promise of protecting his sister from all evils is celebrated through Rakhi. Raksha Bandhan or popularly called Rakhi is the celebration of sibling emotion by tying a thread of love-Rakhi around the brother’s wrist. The festival of Rakhi is a representation of sibling bonds and family ties. The ritual also includes exchanging blessings and gifts.Rakhi is celebrated not only in India but all over the world where Indians have moved and settled.

Now a days Indians have migrated to various countries of the World for the purpose of education, work, business and relocation after marriage. Along with sending Rakhi wishes and blessings via mobile text, Whatsapp, skype and viber; one can now send and receive Rakhi and gifts across the globe without any hassle through various online gift stores and florists who create special packages around this occasion. It is completely easy to send Rakhi to USA (, UK, Europe or any other country by just a simple click. Brothers who are working in USA or any other country with their beloved sisters living in India or any other place, these online gift portals and florists assures secured process of sending Rakhi and in return sending returns gifts back to India. 

Well-known online gift shops for Rakhi are Archies, Ferns and Petals, Gift a Love, Indian Gifts Portal, Infibeam, Craftsvilla, Flipkart and Amazon.These portals provide plethora of options for Rakhi and gifts to be sent. Rakhis can be of  traditional, designer, fancy, golden, diamond, zardausi, kundan,silver, sandalwood, swastika, handcrafted, precious stone and rudraksha variety. It is even possible to send Rakhi sets or pack of multiple Rakhis for many brothers. If desired, one can even send Rakhi and gift combo to brothers for giving a special feeling for the bond of love. Such gift combos include Rakhi with sweets,dry fruits, mithai, Pooja thalis, chocolates, cakes, card, fruits and flowers and countless gifts like dresses, perfumes, wallets, accessories and teddy bear.

Rakhi gifts for sisters are also special and can be selected from a wide range of options like fragrances, jewellery, handbags, soft toys, clothes, personalised coffee mugs and pillows, accessories, decorative showpieces, Buddha idol, photo frames fortunate silver coins to good luck plants and heavenly gifts. A sister can be blessed with all these along with affection and love.Even for little brother and sisters’ who stay in different countries, these online portals have customised kid’s hampers comprising of appetizers, munchies, brownies, muffins, cakes, chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Toblerone, Bounty, Mars, toys, games and amazingly funky Rakhis with embedded cartoon characters.

Rejoicing it with full grandeur and splendour and following all rituals with dedication and passion is of utmost significance. Online Rakhi and gifts not only enhances this bonding but also boosts the spirit of the fiesta. Sending Rakhis and gifts to any distant country like USA, UK and Australia have now become so easy and hassle-free. All these hampers are seasoned with love, care, warmth and fondness and will truly make you feel home away from home. – One Stop Shop for Rakhi Shopping

Rakhi celebration is a unique festival of showing how much you care for your brother or sister. Brothers and sisters may fight,disagree,bicker on anything but the strong and deep bond they share transcends the barriers. The love of brother and sister crosses all the boundaries of time and place. On the day of rakhi, brothers and sisters forget all their fights and differences and feel blessed to be together. They are happy to celebrate the bond of unison and amity. Rakhi that a sister ties around the wrist of her brother symbolizes the love of a sister and her prayer of her brother’s well-being. In return, the gift given by the brother is the token of love and the promise to be with his sister.This is what I have known from my childhood days.

My father used to proudly show his rakhi to us which my aunt used to tie on his wrist.He used to come back from her house after the ceremony and tell us about his feelings.He used to say that as brother and sister, they argue a lot, even at that age, but their love endures. I was too small to understand the inner meaning of his words.For me rakhi was a day of happiness because on that day, unlike the other days, I would not get beatings from my elder brother. Moreover, he used to pamper me a lot on that particular day. But the moment that day was over; it was like back to square one. I used to get very upset once rakhi was over and waited eagerly for the next year.

With time,both and I and my brother understood what my father used to tell us. We now could relate his words and the way he felt for his sister. We now understand the pain of staying far away from each other.We hardly have scope to meet each other as my brother stays in USA. The distance can restrain us from meeting, but cannot weaken our strong bond that we share. Like our childhood days,every year I make a point that my brother ties the fancy rakhi around his wrist. This has been possible because of This online delivery service assures me of fulfilling my wish.

Every year I select one Fancy rakhi ( from the wide range of rakhi which the website offers and avail their rakhi delivery in USA.  I also send rakhi with sweets as my brother is very fond of Indian sweets. He misses his culture and traditions very much and this small token of love connects him to his country, culture and traditions. As it has become a ritual, he waits eagerly for my rakhi with sweets every year.He also takes help of and sends me beautiful gifts to show how much he cares about me. The procedure of rakhi delivery in USA is very simple as they take care of the shipping and other requirements and that too at an affordable rate. You just need to select from numerous rakhi options for your brother.

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Kids, Fancy Rakhis, Soft Toys and Worldwide Delivery

My daughter has a very strong mind already, and she is only six years old. Last week her class was taught a poem about pixies and goblins and she spent two days looking for them in our garden. I don’t think she has completely given up on finding a few pixies yet. Anyway, this week it’s an obsession with rakhis.

Yesterday while arranging my desk, I found an old fancy rakhi ( sent by my sister who is currently living in the USA with her husband and children. My daughter had never seen a rakhi before (because the last time I received one was four years back) and got very excited. I had to explain in great detail what these colourful beads on a thread signified and how the occasion of rakhi is celebrated. She asked me why there was no rakhi from last year or the years before that and I could only mumble that her aunt and I were living in different countries! Besides, I could not phone her and ask for one!

My daughter refused to understand and wants to celebrate the festival this year! So after some thought I decided to actually try and see if I could manage to send rakhi gifts to USA. It has been long since I have gifted anything to my sister and if my daughter wants to believe in the sacred prayer and vow of rakhi, I will do well to encourage it, I realised.

After a little research on our trusted Google, I decided that I will Buy online rakhi from Today in the morning, my daughter sat and chose a fancy rakhi for each of her cousins and then went ahead to select gifts! It took her two hours to make up her mind because there were too many adorable soft toys (she assumed that her brothers would love them just as much as she did and hoped that they would gift her one as well!) Finally she chose an adorable panda soft toy for the elder brother and a blue doggy soft toy for the younger one.

Seeing her all excited made me feel like a kid again and I wanted to send rakhi gifts to USA for my sister too! So I spent some time going through all the gifts in the collection and found Pluto- my sister’s favourite cartoon character! I want her to feel like a kid too (and maybe send me a lovely rakhi after so long this year!). Being a full time mother in a foreign country is no mean feat and my sister is doing a great job. I know Pluto will cheer her up, if she ever feels down or tired.

My daughter is one stubborn little child but sometimes her hard-headedness (which she gets from her mother) opens up a lot of possibilities and brings joy. She almost forced me to remember the special joy of celebrating raksha bandhan and Buy online rakhi but at the end of the day, I am a very happy brother and a more thankful father.

Online Shopping- The Boon of Sending Rakhi Gifts Far and Wide

Raksha Bandhan is one of the historic festivities that spark the brother-sister connection. Beloved on Shravan Purnima every season, this party witnesses the confluence of emotions as well as traditions. Friends wish to Almighty for the wellness and extended lifestyle while bros on the other hand vow to keep their sisters safe from any damage. As the Native Indian NRIs considers festivities as channels of remaining linked with their traditions, Raksha Bandhan performs a crucial part. The on the internet purchasing sites play a big part in linking people to each other on the festivities. Not just they are the perfect way for purchasing, but provide attractive distribution choices. Online presenting sites are the best way to provide Rakhi presents  to UAE.

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This is a short time to promote this important connection which siblings have been experiencing since their childhood years. Raksha Bandhan is not just for siblings, but for every friend who gets together on this excellent day and discuss memorable minutes.

The online delivery gives you some unusual and unique effects and combination features that you should definitely not skip out on by all means! You can select an on the internet Rakhi service to be sent to UAE or even select a stunning Rakhi that your brother will simply fall madly in really like with! You can also group up your Rakhi with some goodies and engage your brother on a special day! Also, you can also provide present effects for bros for Rakhi or provide purses for bros on Rakhi. Keep your family members in UAE cheerful throughout the season with unique Rakhi presents distribution alternatives. They provide delivery all over. So choose online portal for sending Rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan and celebrate with your brother.

The Changing Face of Rakhi over the Years

The Micro and Nano family concept is stealing a lot of things from us and a major one of them includes the bliss and joy of knowing the art of sharing and caring. When I see kids demanding iPods’ and iPhones from parents and threatening suicide, if denied the object, I can’t help wondering about, where are we headed to in the future?

As kids,I and my brother had a very nice love-hate relationship. No one understood the chemistry except the two of us. Rakhi usually in our times was a traditional affair. Since my daddy worked for the Army, both of us lived in a very restricted zone and could be with our extended family. Back then, we did not have Skype or Whatsapp, so we only had to rely on phone call and our imagination to understand, what the scene was actually like back at home.

My mom made sure, that we did send Rakhi gifts ( to our relatives, irrespective of where they lived.  We did not send across very expensive gifts. Perhaps it was a simple rakhi along with a box of sweets or an idol of Ganesh. A thank you note would eventually arrive after a week or so confirming the receipt of the gifts. I wonder if people back then had a lot of time or did they actually have a lot of consideration for the emotions of other people.

I usually had the liberty to choose the rakhi I wished to tie on my brother’s wrist. Unfortunately he was denied the privilege of choosing rakhi gift for me. Once he was allowed to make a choice and he chose a diamond necklace from a jewellery store for me. Needless to say, the wish was denied and with teary eyes, he promised that he would actually buy me that necklace when he would grow up.

Previously in our times sisters alone enjoyed the privilege of receiving gifts. Though the practice looked very unfair, yet I don’t remember ever complaining about it. Since I started earning I have been sending rakhi gifts for my brother. He is currently studying in Hyderabad and I remember my first gift that I had sent along with the rakhi to Hyderabad was a T-shirt and a watch. I had custom ordered the T-shirt with the inscription “Time is ticking”. I wanted the quote to remind him that if he does not work hard, then time won’t wait for him.

In our school, rakhi was celebrated on a small scale. Girls generally tied rakhi on the wrists of the boys, they hated and wanted to avoid at any cost. We were often rewarded with a bar of Cadbury for our endeavor. Unfortunately, our rakhi brothers took their duties a little too seriously at times and started bullying us regarding what we wore and whom we spoke to. Being too much of an independent spirit, I didn’t repeat the process and preferred to stick to the only biological brother I had.

Send Rakhi with Love to Your Brother Like I Did Through a Superb Online Portal

Raksha Bandhan festival is only a few days away and Indian sisters all around the world are busy making preparations for this day. Lucky are those sisters who stay in the same city as their brothers as they can celebrate this auspicious day together. I am not that lucky as my brother is in London pursing masters in London School of Economics. I know it is a matter of pride for any sister to see her younger brother studying in such a prestigious institution and I was the happiest when he cleared the entrance exam. However, the very next second it occurred to me that he no longer would be us and would travel to London. However, this an opportunity that cannot be missed and so with a heavy heart I had to bid him goodbye. This happened in 2013 and since then I am living alone in Kolkata.

Well, I live alone as we lost our parents few years back in a car accident. Since then my brother has been my family and everything. My father was a well-off businessman and so we did not go through much financial troubles though I have not seen my brother since he left for UK as I could afford his conveyance expenditure. I was 20 when our parents died and my brother was 10. Though I literally brought him up, I saw changes in him after he became a teenager. He was a protective brother who could anything for his sister. He did not want to leave me and go to London and it took me a great deal of effort to convince him for the same. We talk on Skype everyday and that is the happiest few minutes of my life.

If there is one festival that we both have always looked forward to, it is rakhi. My little brother used to save the pocket money to buy me trinkets, bracelets etc. as rakhi gifts. Last year I had sent rakhi to my brother through post and it reached him three days after the festival was over. I was heartbroken though happy to see him wearing that on Skype. One of my friend recommended for sending rakhi online. This is a really cool site that you can use to send rakhi gifts to UK and other places of the world. I have plans to send rakhi with dry fruits to my brother he loves cashews and raisins.

The best thing about this site is the fact that they make sure that your rakhi and gifts reach your brother on the day of rakhi. My friend uses thus site to send rakhi online to her siblings living in USA. I wish I knew about this site earlier, so that I could have used to send rakhi gifts to UK to brother last year itself. You can send rakhi with dry fruits (, rakhi with chocolates and various other things of your brother’s choice to surprise him on this very special day and make him feel loved! Made My Rakhi Worth Remembering

I have been settled in USA ever since I married my husband around 6 years back. Life is really convenient here, and the kind of infrastructure and amenities they have established here has really impressed me, and continues to impress me even today, after so many years. My family is in India’s south, in the famous city of Chennai. Thanks to so many options to connect over the internet, I am in regular touch with all of them. My brother too is in India, but he is pursuing his career as an IT professional in the city of Mumbai. But contact with him has not been as regular as it has been with the rest of my family members.

My brother has always been something of an introvert. He rarely spoke a word during family get-togethers, and was mostly living in his own world. A lot of our relatives, and even our parents made fun of him for doing that. But I always stayed sympathetic. Not all people enjoy socializing, and perhaps the only thing that made him happy was to just be. The only day my brother would actually open up a bit would be on the day of Raksha Bandhan, the auspicious Hindu festival.

Raksha Bandhan used to be a grand affair for us. Somehow, our family took it more seriously than other families. But it used to be worth it. Right from the morning, the day used to be nothing but fun and frolic. He used to be especially pleased during the thread-tying ceremony, and the gift exchange that used to follow.

Looking back on it now, it feels like it’s been aeons since my brother and I celebrated Rakhi. The joyous atmosphere on the day of the occasion, along with the festivities, are things I really miss. I have never really talked about Rakhi with my brother after we took separate paths, but I’m sure somewhere inside, he misses the occasion.

I thought of putting that to the test during the last Rakhi. Thanks to a few of my friends, who are total internet geeks, I found out about; a website that was developed solely for purchasing Rakhi gifts. I did not give it a moment’s thought because I had already taken the decision to Send Rakhi Gifts to India through
My experience on the website was immensely fulfilling. The website has been designed in a very simple manner, and my decision to Send Rakhi to Bangalore was actually turning out to be a wise one. I picked a handmade Rakhi for my brother along with some delicious chocolates. The whole process was smooth and it was made even easier with the superb delivery options, which meant I could Send Rakhi to Bangalore without any worries about the presents for my brother.

My brother was extremely happy to have received the gifts, and thanked me for the gesture. He told me that he had been extremely busy and promised to talk to me more often. I would like to thank for the incredible services, and would recommend other people to Send Rakhi Gifts using