Choose Best Christmas gift for India

25th December is an important day for Christians. It is birthday of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated as festival Christmas in all over the world. On this occasion an interesting and very old man Santa clause distributes Christmas Gifts among children.

Since in India there is not a big population of Christians although they celebrate it along with their other religious friends. Celebration of Christmas in India is famous in some parts like, Kerala, Odisa, Mumbai and many other cities. In some areas of India celebration of Christmas Day starts on 24th December and it continues till 1st January, it is also known as “Bada Din”, according to Hindi calendar.

On the eve of Christmas the people of christens communities wear new clothes gathered into church for attending special services and pray of church, they spend some time with family and friends there. They decorate their house and organize party for others in the evening. In the evening party they eat delicious foods item and exchange gifts among their relatives and children.

It is a legend that Jesus was a son of the GOD and he borne in 336 A.D. according to an Roman calendar on 25th December. He serves the people and teaches the lesson of religion. Through this way he protects the religion on the earth and became the son of the GOD. After the death of Jesus 25th December is being celebrated as Christmas Day in all over the world.

A common Christmas gift is Christmas tree has been decorated in every house.  Christmas tree in India is usually a dummy of pine trees and it branches. Exchanging or presenting of gifts by an actor Santa took place at many places among the children.

Many online service providers prepare a bunch of small gifts and they deliver it as a Christmas gift hampers. Usually on the eve of Christmas many people use these things to decorate their house.

•    Small electric lights and burners
•    Leaves of Banana or Mango trees
•    Artificial pine trees, branches and bushes for making Christmas tree
•    Statues of Jesus Christ and dress of Santa Claus

These are some common things in India using for decoration and celebration.

Since India has not a big population of Christians, although some states where population of Christians are more than other states. So these states are known for its Christmas celebration in India. Some states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are famous.

Different people of different areas celebrate this festival in different ways. But decoration and exchanging of gifts are common activities. There is not any specific work has been decided for this day, many workplace remain close while on other hand some organize Christmas party.

Christmas Day is a special festival for children when they receives gifts from their relatives, friends and from Santa Clause. Most of the organization organize activities on this very day and distribute Christmas gifts among their employees.

Since Christmas is a festival of remembering Jesus Christ hence only exchanging of gifts is not important, it is important to pay an attention on gift hampers before giving it to anybody, it should be memorable and acceptable by any categories. Our gift hampers should show the message of Christmas.


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