Healthy Treats to Make Bhai Dooj Occasion More Enjoyable!

Bhaidooj, despite being a celebration to showcase sibling love is a time to feast too. Many health conscious people like to stay away from calorie-filled sweets or delicacies. As the greasy sweets often come in the form of Bhai Dooj gifts from family or friends, it’s obvious to let go the urge of a big bite and at least taste the appetizing dessert. However, if your brother or sister is a health fanatic & aspires to get a treat which doesn’t go adding a few pounds in their weight, don’t worry! This Bhaidooj, try out our healthy gift ideas for a treat which will surely get you applauded by your brother/sister.

The market is flooded with myriad gifts for bhai dooj( which have the capability to appeal the health fanatics and opposites as well. Take a look at my complied healthy gift ideas for bhai dooj.

Go nutty: Dry fruits & nuts since long time back have been the ultimate parts of gifting. And they appeal people at both ends of the coin alike. To make this gift for bhai dooj more appealing, include in it a short detail of the benefits that dry fruits provide.

Exotic herbs: Visit online or nearby local gourmet shop to explore the sphere of exotic herbs. Herbal tea, lemon verbena, orange balsam, etc. are just a few names.

Fruit basket: As exotic yet organic fruits are freely available on the web, it’s really a good idea to gift an attractive fruit basket this bhai dooj. You can get your fruit-basket organized the way you like and with the fruits you prefer.

Spa sessions to calm the senses: As bhai dooj is observed on the fifth day of deepavali, your sibling must have gone through all the hassles of five-day long diwali celebration for sure. Why not let him/her calm their senses and sooth mind, body & soul through an energizing spa session? From my point of view booking a session or getting vouchers of a renowned spa center would be the perfect gift idea on bhai dooj for your siblings.

As Bhai Dooj is still a few days away, you can order these gifts online and get it delivered at home.


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