Make Rose Day Extra Special Using these Three Tips

With Rose Day falling on 7th February every year, the environment seems oozing with romance, love, passion and of course the fragrance of roses. How many times have you given roses to your love on rose Day? I think every time, the day comes around, inst it? Have you ever tried something new? Of course, not, isn't it? It would be quite predictable to give roses on Rose Day; however, your lady love would be expecting something else apart from roses. Let’s try out something new this year with given gift ideas for Rose Day. 

Say Will You Be My Valentine via a Note or Card 

 After the legend of February 14, St. Valentine’s Day was born, the first ever vday letter was said to be from the duke of Orleans to his wife during 15th century while he was captive in the tower of London. Giving and receiving love notes is quite famous, so, make most out of this tradition. Send love message in a bottle or box along with red roses. He will fall for you all over again seeing such a romantic gesture! As far as message is concerned either pen down your feelings or choose a card with pre-written message to show her how much you love. I would suggest writing down your own feelings; this will touch her heart straightaway! 

An iPhone Case or Phone Case with Red Rose Imprint
Probably she would be carrying an iPhone or a high-end smartphone. Let her cover her hi-end gadget with a quirky case featuring a blooming rose imprint. You can get your case personalised either by her picture, a message or a floral pattern. Choose the one that you think would tickle his heart away and get ready to surprise her on Rose Day! 

Sweets and Chocolates for Sweet Loving Valentine
During Victoria era it was a tradition to send gifts and cards to celebrate this courtly love. Still the tradition is alive. Send sweets and chocolates accompanied by a bunch or bouquet of roses to your lady love. This will take her breath away as every girl needs a little attention and a gift like this is surely going to make her feel special! Supplement the gift with a fluffy teddy bear to make it even more triggering. Chocolates, candies, truffles, cookies, sweets, whatever she likes, just grab that, get it wrapped attractively and send to her as an emissary of your love. 

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