Never Feel Drifted for There is Every Possibility to Stay Close

I have a very adorable brother who is almost 12 years younger to me staying in Canada with Dad. Mom and me,we stayed back in Kolkata to look after my ailing Grandfather years back. Since Dad’s job was non-negotiable, he had to move to Canada no matter how much he resisted the process. I had already done my fair share of studies by that time andI would have found it difficult to adjust to Canada’s way of education. But Kaushal just joined a school back then, so that’s why Daddy thought of taking him there for a fresh start altogether.

I am 27 and he is 15 now. Totally different from me, Kaushal is already a dude. Even though I expect him to be more sober and polite, but he is just carefree with words. Grandpa died 5 years after Dad went to Canada.  We are so used to our ways of lives that none of us ever felt like restarting our lives there by shifting to Canada. Also Mom got a job in a big corporate here and she needs to continue working because dad is taking a voluntary retirement the next year. We would all be finally united after a pretty long stretch.

I have been trying to get Kaushal used to Indian culture, our ways and rituals. By far he has admitted to like only Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Navaratri. The few times when he came to India, I showed him different pictures and videos of all the festivals and explained the significance of festivals. Now let me introduce you to his foreigner mentality! He says there is a real purpose for celebrating rakhi that is to re-live a beautiful relationship between siblings. But other festivals are pretty pointless.

He loves gorging on dry fruits and soan-papdis from Pooja thalis. He even goes to the level of stealing those when he would be here during any festival. Since he is a tad bit sincere towards this festival, I have planned to send him a rakhi with dry fruits via this year. Sending rakhi to Canada is not an issue these days with such a trust-worthy and user-friendly website delivering any gift anywhere in the world with just a click of a button.

I will also be sending a personalized coffee mug for Dad along with the rakhi with dry fruits for my brother. We barely got to know each other because of Dad’s demanding job, but I do my bit trying to guess what he likes and conjuring up old forgotten times whenever he chats with me over the phone.

I have kept it a secret from both of them that I am sending some gifts and a Rakhi to Canada. Kaushal always acts as a spoil sport by guessing what I am up to and tipping Dad off about it. Few more days and I will be able to execute my flawless plan and till now Kaushal is clueless!


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