7 Choices for Valentine Roses with their Meanings!!

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Love birds are looking for special V-day gifts and fresh flowers delivery. Fresh cut flowers and bouquets make romantic valentine gifts. They appear enticing and enliven the aura of the place as well. Long stem flowers and with fully bloomed petals looks passionate and elegant as well.

Valentine’s Day flowers bouquets are designed in a number of ways. Roses dominate amongst all. They look simply irresistible and charming. Roses are widely used with other floral types like orchids, tulips, carnations and lilies. Different types of roses have different meanings.

Check out meaning and significances of each colour of roses.

1.    Red Roses

Red roses are the symbol for “I Love You”. If this is the feeling you want to convey then no other rose colour is suitable for you. After all red roses are ultimate symbol of passionate love and lasting romance. Therefore they are in great demand during valentine week. Valentine red roses relatively become expensive in floral stores during valentine week. Thus explore ravishing red roses online at best price.

2.    Pale Pink Roses

Pale pink roses are the symbol of softness, gentleness and appreciation. They look fresh, delicate and youthful. They are the sturdiest rose options as well. If you want to tell that girl next door you are in love with her at a first sight then go for pink roses.

3.    Yellow Roses

Yellow roses depict friendship and trust. It shows lifelong friendly, cordial terms and companionship. Send yellow roses to your best friend on this valentine. Buy roses online with delightful cakes and chocolate hampers at attractive price.

4.    Baby Pink Roses

Baby pink roses look simply cute, charming, joyous and happy. Explore mesmerising pink roses bouquets at Gitalove.com.

5.    Deep Pink Roses

Deep pink roses are given to say "Thank you." They are given to show gratitude, love and respect. This valentine, give a special pink rose bouquet to your mom. 

6.    Lilac Roses

Lilac roses indicate lasting and deep love. They are usually given to spouses and long term partners. Lilac Roses look exotic and mesmerising too.

7.    White Roses
Pure white roses symbolize purity, honesty and innocence. They also tell "I miss you so much".

So these are some colourful rose flower options along with their meanings. Log on to www.giftalove.com/valentine and buy online rose bouquets, cakes, chocolate hampers, lip smacking dry fruits and personalised hampers.


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