How GiftaLove Sorted my Valentine Gift Dilemma

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and in a few weeks’ time, every shopping mall, street and busy road junctions would be decorated and decked up in the colour red. Red-- the everlasting colour of passion and love. Personally I am not avery big fan of the colour ‘red’.  I would choose white, as for me love is like a white canvas, where you get to splash the colours of your own self- your most uninhabited self- your unorganised disrobed self. Truly being in love is like being like the colour ‘white’- It absorbs everything and glows even more brightly.

Hyde Park in London has always occupied a special place in my life. It was here that I and Bill had meet back during our university days and since then on every Valentine’s Day we made it a point to come to Hyde Park and share a bar of chocolate.

Chocolate was our common love and it was chocolates that got us talking to each other five years back. Unlike most couples who break their heads to Send Valentine gifts to India, both of us were more interested in buying the most delicious and beautiful chocolate day gifts for one another.

Even though both of us loved chocolates both of us liked different variants. Bill loved chocolates with nuts, and caramel core while I was a big fan of white chocolates. I hated the idea of actually diluting the taste of a bar of pure chocolate with any fruit or nut.

Every year poor Bill had to look for different types of assorted white chocolate preparations which he could buy as Chocolate day gifts. You may as well say that white chocolates are easily available, so why take the extra pain? Well, he being the perfectionist that he always had been hated the idea of giving something that was so readily available. He always wanted to make me feel special. Five years later, a lot might have changed, but he has remained the same. A perfectionist wishing to make his girl feel special.

Choosing chocolate day gifts for Bill was far easier for me, as the chap had a wide range of choice. He practically enjoyed everything except white chocolates. So I had the choice of going wild with my experiments. Last time I remember ordering for him, pure dark chocolates filled with rum in the centre. You had to see the glow on his face to actually understand how happy he was to devour them. In fact he liked those chocolates so much that I had tore-order another pack for his birthday.

This is first time in five years that he would be away from me in my homeland, while I shall be celebrating Valentine’s Day all alone in his homeland. Life is so very full of contradictions and ironies. This time I shall send a packet of Ferrero Rocher and a bunch of red roses as a Valentine’s Day gift to India through Some of my friends have tried their services before and they were more than happy. Let’s hope I too can join their list of satisfied customers after 14th of February.


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