Best Purple Flowers and Their Significance

The wedding season is around the corner and the demand for pink white and red roses would shoot up as the season progresses. If you wish to stand out from the crowd you can choose purple as the colour theme for the wedding. The colour purple represents qualities like magic, history, strength and creativity. People who like this colour are usually considered sensitive, artistic, witty, tolerant and intuitive.

Unlike roses which are available all throughout the year, all purple colour flowers are not available throughout the year. However there is nothing to worry as there are professional flower artists who can create beautiful flower arrangements using seasonal purple flowers. Some of these flowers are easily available and can be grown in your backyard or garden while others belong to the exotic variety like orchids which needs to be pre-ordered.

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Here is a list of different purple flowers which you can use for your purple theme wedding

Purple Tulips

Purple tulips are one of the most exotic varieties of tulips available only during the spring time. This flower can be used in a bouquet along with Lotus pods, dusty miller and other varieties of plants which can enhance its beauty.


Anemone is a relatively simple flower with dark purple hues. One big advantage of this flower lies in the fact that it is available all throughout the year. Anemones are used with flowers and features in wedding bouquets which are artistically crafted to be kept as the wedding centrepiece.


Aster is relatively simple looking flower which is available mainly in the autumn season. The flower has its own typical beauty and elegance which blends very well with other flowers in a bouquet.


Hyacinth is a beautiful flower and they are available only during the spring time. The flower has a beautiful sent and comes in different shades of purple.

Purple lilac

Purple lilacs have a strong and heavy fragrance which makes them an ideal choice for the wedding bouquets. Traditional purple lilacs were used by suitors to owe their lady love. Lilacs love the sun and they are only available during the spring season.


If you are looking for a cheap variety of purple flowers which you can use as a backdrop for your purple themed wedding then Lupine flowers should be your ideal choice. These flowers are easily grown in the garden without any efforts and are known for the flowering purple spikes.


Wisteria Vines are probably one of the most romantic flowers which you can have for your purple themed wedding. Wisteria Vines cannot be imported or bought from any stores. You need to grow them around a set of available support near your wedding venue.

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