8 Best Fragrances for Your Dear Mom!!

Are you browsing for gift ideas for your mom on this Mother’s Day? Perfumes would be one of the lavish gift choices for your mom. Scented fragrances will also go well for your outgoing working mom. Choose a suitable flavor as per her mood & personality.  Here are some of the lovely fragrances you can choose from as Mothers day gifts for working mom.  

1.    Citrus Fragrance

Scents infused with the tangy smell of citrus fruits are lively and energetic in odor. They are perfect to wear & enjoy the daytime. This citrus smelling perfume would set out the whole day for your active mom.  She can wear a citrus perfume to meet her new clients for brunch. New mommies can put on citrus flavor to brighten a baby shower event.

2.    Floral Fragrance

Sweet and stunning, these perfumes are the "Diva Mom" of the scents aisle. Floral scents are usually offered in single note, but can come in combined forms of various flowers to create a classic feminine odor. These scents are also appropriate for your diva mom. She can wear them while going at church, the ballet class, or to attend any family functions especially on wedding ceremonies.

3.    Fruity Fragrance

Fruity perfumes are fresh and spicy in nature. These amazing fragrances please the nose with the delightful and familiar odor of mango, apple, peach, strawberry, and other juicy fruits. They are often blended with floral scents to create a blissful aroma. These kinds of perfumes are ideal for young & lovely moms. They just needed to apply sparingly.

4.    Green Fragrance

Green fragrances smell amazingly natural and energetic. They are made from extracts from fresh leaves and newly-mown exotic grass. These scents tend to show down to earth personality of the person. So you can choose for your kind, sweet & down to earth natured mother. It will go well in any occasion like a casual outing, shopping out or having family dinner time.

5.    Oriental Fragrance

Oriental perfumes are exotic and distinctly feminine kind of scents. These sensual fragrances feature a blend of earthy, wild base scent such as musk or ambergris. They are often prepared with warm notes of amber. When perfectly blended with florals, these scents are known "florientals". The effect wearing these scents is bold yet mysterious perfume. Buy oriental fragrance for your mom & make her smell different from rest of the world.

6.     Wood Fragrance

These sorts of scents are prepared on base notes of mosses and tree bark. They signify the smell of winding forest paths. Your strong & bold momma might like its unique fragrance.

7.    Spicy Fragrance

Hot and spicy are the kind of note this scent is based on and that's what these perfumes smell like. Your kitchen oriented mom would like the notes of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and pepper. These kind of spicy perfumes smell alluring and enticing in an old-fashioned way.

8.    Oceanic Fragrance

Oceanic perfumes are the most modern & trendy blend of fragrances. These scents are made from a blend of synthetic chemical compounds to evoke natural aromas such as mountain air, oceanic fragrant spray or clean linen. It simply smells crisp and fresh, they are an ideal choice for your courageous mom. On this mother’s day gift her boldness of nature in form of oceanic fragrance.

So these are some popular & hottest smelling perfumes available in the market. You can choose to gift you lovely mom an extravagant smelling fragrance along with mother day’s flowers, chocolates or greeting cards. Log on to Giftalove for buying unique & special Mothers Day gifts at best price. Here you can find mother day gifts for your working mom, home maker mom, diva mom, new mom, expecting moms, mother in law & grandmothers etc.


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