6 Affectionate Friendship Flowers for Your Best Pal!!

Flowers are beautiful gifts. They convey different sentiments & messages to people. There are distinct meanings associated with each flower types and shades. Friendship day is around the corner so you must be looking for Friendship day flowers for your close buddy. There are ample of floral choices that show friendship, trust & great companionship.

Have you ever thought about sending online flower bouquets? This year pick online floral gifts for your friend & arrange surprise delivery at his/her place. Your friend would be absolutely pleased & delighted to receive friendship blossoms. Check out below some of the popular flowers that stand for friendship.

1.    Yellow Rose

When it comes to friendship flowers, yellow roses top the chart. It has got official acclamation as friendship flowers. Thus, online florists are flooded with yellow rose bouquets before arrival of friendship day. This blossoms stands for friendship, delight & joy of being together. Thus you can either give a single rose or a bouquet of 20-30 yellow roses to your best friend.

2.    Iris

Iris indicates "your friendship means a lot to me". Besides this, iris also denotes valor, compassion & wisdom. It is found in a wide shade of colors but the most common type of colour is blue and purple.

3.    Daffodil

The daffodil is a unique bloom, trumpet-shaped with a ring of petals around it. It is considered to be a sign of true friendship, chivalry, new beginnings and rebirth. This flower is also known as narcissus, which is derived from Latin language. This charming flower is quite popular due to its exceptional beauty. The daffodil is commonly found in yellow or golden color but it can also be found in different colors such as red, pink and white.

4.    Peruvian Lily

The Peruvian lily is also called as lily of the Incas. It denotes total devotion & great bond of friendship. The flower also depicts selfless love and support. It conveys that the sender will always support the recipient. Thus, it is a wonderful choice for your friend on Friendship day. Besides, it has a long shelf life. Therefore your friend can enjoy its freshness for longer duration.

5.    Chrysanthemum

This flower also stands for friendship. They are also known as Mums or Chrysanths. It is given to portray the value of friendship. Thus they are popularly exchanged between friends. Moreover, it is used in floral bouquets along with other blooms. The flower can be found in several size and colors. Common colors of Chrysanths include yellow and white. Red and pink flowers of Chrysanths look exotic in appearance.

6.    Tulip

It is a bulbous shaped spring-flower, with colourful cup-shaped petals. Due to its shapes, it is easily recognized & loved by all. They look elegant, cute & bright at the same time. They are just perfect flowers to express the cute bond of friendship sender share with the receiver. Tulip also expresses genuine coziness and comfort in the friendly relationship.

These are six popular friendship day flowers that will match up with the occasion of Friendship day. These flowers would effectively convey your heartfelt emotions to your close friends. Log on to Giftalove for buying lovely flowers for your sweet friend.


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