Rakhi.Giftalove.com Made My Rakhi Worth Remembering

I have been settled in USA ever since I married my husband around 6 years back. Life is really convenient here, and the kind of infrastructure and amenities they have established here has really impressed me, and continues to impress me even today, after so many years. My family is in India’s south, in the famous city of Chennai. Thanks to so many options to connect over the internet, I am in regular touch with all of them. My brother too is in India, but he is pursuing his career as an IT professional in the city of Mumbai. But contact with him has not been as regular as it has been with the rest of my family members.

My brother has always been something of an introvert. He rarely spoke a word during family get-togethers, and was mostly living in his own world. A lot of our relatives, and even our parents made fun of him for doing that. But I always stayed sympathetic. Not all people enjoy socializing, and perhaps the only thing that made him happy was to just be. The only day my brother would actually open up a bit would be on the day of Raksha Bandhan, the auspicious Hindu festival.

Raksha Bandhan used to be a grand affair for us. Somehow, our family took it more seriously than other families. But it used to be worth it. Right from the morning, the day used to be nothing but fun and frolic. He used to be especially pleased during the thread-tying ceremony, and the gift exchange that used to follow.

Looking back on it now, it feels like it’s been aeons since my brother and I celebrated Rakhi. The joyous atmosphere on the day of the occasion, along with the festivities, are things I really miss. I have never really talked about Rakhi with my brother after we took separate paths, but I’m sure somewhere inside, he misses the occasion.

I thought of putting that to the test during the last Rakhi. Thanks to a few of my friends, who are total internet geeks, I found out about rakhi.Giftalove.com; a website that was developed solely for purchasing Rakhi gifts. I did not give it a moment’s thought because I had already taken the decision to Send Rakhi Gifts to India through rakhi.Giftalove.com.
My experience on the website was immensely fulfilling. The website has been designed in a very simple manner, and my decision to Send Rakhi to Bangalore was actually turning out to be a wise one. I picked a handmade Rakhi for my brother along with some delicious chocolates. The whole process was smooth and it was made even easier with the superb delivery options, which meant I could Send Rakhi to Bangalore without any worries about the presents for my brother.

My brother was extremely happy to have received the gifts, and thanked me for the gesture. He told me that he had been extremely busy and promised to talk to me more often. I would like to thank rakhi.Giftalove.com for the incredible services, and would recommend other people to Send Rakhi Gifts using https://www.giftalove.com/rakhi.


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