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Rakhi celebration is a unique festival of showing how much you care for your brother or sister. Brothers and sisters may fight,disagree,bicker on anything but the strong and deep bond they share transcends the barriers. The love of brother and sister crosses all the boundaries of time and place. On the day of rakhi, brothers and sisters forget all their fights and differences and feel blessed to be together. They are happy to celebrate the bond of unison and amity. Rakhi that a sister ties around the wrist of her brother symbolizes the love of a sister and her prayer of her brother’s well-being. In return, the gift given by the brother is the token of love and the promise to be with his sister.This is what I have known from my childhood days.

My father used to proudly show his rakhi to us which my aunt used to tie on his wrist.He used to come back from her house after the ceremony and tell us about his feelings.He used to say that as brother and sister, they argue a lot, even at that age, but their love endures. I was too small to understand the inner meaning of his words.For me rakhi was a day of happiness because on that day, unlike the other days, I would not get beatings from my elder brother. Moreover, he used to pamper me a lot on that particular day. But the moment that day was over; it was like back to square one. I used to get very upset once rakhi was over and waited eagerly for the next year.

With time,both and I and my brother understood what my father used to tell us. We now could relate his words and the way he felt for his sister. We now understand the pain of staying far away from each other.We hardly have scope to meet each other as my brother stays in USA. The distance can restrain us from meeting, but cannot weaken our strong bond that we share. Like our childhood days,every year I make a point that my brother ties the fancy rakhi around his wrist. This has been possible because of http://rakhi.giftalove.com/. This online delivery service assures me of fulfilling my wish.

Every year I select one Fancy rakhi (https://www.giftalove.com/fancy-rakhi) from the wide range of rakhi which the website offers and avail their rakhi delivery in USA.  I also send rakhi with sweets as my brother is very fond of Indian sweets. He misses his culture and traditions very much and this small token of love connects him to his country, culture and traditions. As it has become a ritual, he waits eagerly for my rakhi with sweets every year.He also takes help of rakhi.giftalove.com and sends me beautiful gifts to show how much he cares about me. The procedure of rakhi delivery in USA is very simple as they take care of the shipping and other requirements and that too at an affordable rate. You just need to select from numerous rakhi options for your brother.


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