Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Kids, Fancy Rakhis, Soft Toys and Worldwide Delivery

My daughter has a very strong mind already, and she is only six years old. Last week her class was taught a poem about pixies and goblins and she spent two days looking for them in our garden. I don’t think she has completely given up on finding a few pixies yet. Anyway, this week it’s an obsession with rakhis.

Yesterday while arranging my desk, I found an old fancy rakhi (rakhi.giftalove.com/fancy-rakhis-48.html) sent by my sister who is currently living in the USA with her husband and children. My daughter had never seen a rakhi before (because the last time I received one was four years back) and got very excited. I had to explain in great detail what these colourful beads on a thread signified and how the occasion of rakhi is celebrated. She asked me why there was no rakhi from last year or the years before that and I could only mumble that her aunt and I were living in different countries! Besides, I could not phone her and ask for one!

My daughter refused to understand and wants to celebrate the festival this year! So after some thought I decided to actually try and see if I could manage to send rakhi gifts to USA. It has been long since I have gifted anything to my sister and if my daughter wants to believe in the sacred prayer and vow of rakhi, I will do well to encourage it, I realised.

After a little research on our trusted Google, I decided that I will Buy online rakhi from rakhi.giftalove.com. Today in the morning, my daughter sat and chose a fancy rakhi for each of her cousins and then went ahead to select gifts! It took her two hours to make up her mind because there were too many adorable soft toys (she assumed that her brothers would love them just as much as she did and hoped that they would gift her one as well!) Finally she chose an adorable panda soft toy for the elder brother and a blue doggy soft toy for the younger one.

Seeing her all excited made me feel like a kid again and I wanted to send rakhi gifts to USA for my sister too! So I spent some time going through all the gifts in the collection and found Pluto- my sister’s favourite cartoon character! I want her to feel like a kid too (and maybe send me a lovely rakhi after so long this year!). Being a full time mother in a foreign country is no mean feat and my sister is doing a great job. I know Pluto will cheer her up, if she ever feels down or tired.

My daughter is one stubborn little child but sometimes her hard-headedness (which she gets from her mother) opens up a lot of possibilities and brings joy. She almost forced me to remember the special joy of celebrating raksha bandhan and Buy online rakhi but at the end of the day, I am a very happy brother and a more thankful father.


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